50 Days Left!! + The Carnage Returns stage….Returns

A bit of an update for you guys

The Countdown Really Gets Underway


There are officially only 50 days left until Halloween Horror Nights 26. Now is the time of year when people really start talking about horror nights, even those who aren’t die hard fans. Universal Studios social media pages, such as the annual passholder group, become riddled with posts about HHN and not much else. We’re getting down to the wire, and it’s time to get excited if you aren’t already! 25 days from now, we should know everything Chance has in store for us this season.

The Stage Rises Again

If you recall last year’s HHN25, Jack and Chance had a stage show near the center of the park in front of Mel’s Drive-In called “The Carnage Returns.” The show featured multiple victims dying by Jack’s hands in multiple, creative ways, with Chance by Jack’s side throughout the show.

HHN25’s “The Carnage Returns”

Last year, the stage for the show started construction in early July (earlier than this year), and was decorated with props and set pieces. Guests would walk by the stage fully set daily, which provided an interesting sneak peek at that years Horror Nights.

Last year’s stage in early August

While the stage was decorated, it was used during late nights for show rehearsals from mid August to opening night. The stage was completely stripped and was used for the “Rock the Universe” concerts which took place mid-late August, and then was very quickly re-dressed back to the Carnage Returns show.

The stage in its current, early stages of construction. Photo taken July 27th, 2016

Given last year’s use of this stage, it is pretty reasonable to assume that this stage will be used for HHN26. Will Chance get her own show this year on this same stage that she shared with the ringmaster himself last year? Given that this year is essentially a “sequel” to last year’s event, it isn’t far from possible.