More Details on “Chance in Hell” Scarezone

A few sources of ours have recently given us additional details about Chance’s scarezone, and it is finally time to pass this information onto you guys!

Will Chance actually be in her scarezone?

There has been much talk on whether or not the character of Chance herself will be in her scarezone as well as her house, and for various reasons, many people are saying she won’t. We are happy to inform you today that she will be there! Not only will she be there, but she will have her own main stage in the center of her scarezone!

A few days ago we showed you the 4 new stages that have appeared between Minion Mayhem and Shrek 4-D for “Chance in Hell” (shown above), and our reliable sources have informed us that she will be on the stage that is by itself on the Shrek side of the street. Chance herself will have a microphone and be interacting with guests as well as talking to herself on this stage. Indeed, Chance will have her own, mini-show of sorts, in the center of her scarezone, very close to the entrance of the park.

Some people ask why the Chance scarezone is not located near her house, but this additional information helps it all make sense. The large event logo dangling above the scarezone can be seen all the way from the main gates, making it the first thing people see when they enter the park, and now on top of this, one of the first characters guests will see is Chance herself.


This year will truly have a grand entrance that encompasses the entire events overall theme.

So what about the other 4 stages?!

We are glad you asked. A few months back, this blueprint for one of the stages made it to the public eye, before the stages ever showed up:



For a long while, it was assumed that the bloody figure on this stage would be an actor or actress, that would scream at guests and declare their loyalty to Chance. This, as we have learned, is not the case. Nay, it is actually a lot cooler than that…..

That bloody figure is actually a dead body, with marionette strings attached to their limbs. Yes, you read that right. The four stages on either side of the street will have bloody corpse puppets! They will be made to dance and jig with the strings attached to their decomposing wrists, ankles, and elbows! Whether there will be an actor above the stage maneuvering the strings remains to be seen, but we became very excited to learn this!

Scarezones in this location over the past few years have been a bit bare and lacking in scares (i.e Scary Tales: Screampunk, and MASKerade: Unstitched)


Will “Chance in Hell” breathe new life into this scare zone location? We are hoping so, but we won’t know for sure until Sept 16th!