Has The Evil Dead Maze Been Changed?

A while back we had pointed out the potential rumors of the very popular Evil Dead 1 and 2 coming to HHN27. As also our very good friend “The Ifrit” had also pointed out this rumor to be true.

The Rumor was that there was (Still is) to be a Maze called Ash Vs Evil Dead that would be based off of The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn. It would use that name so that it can promote the TV Show while using scenes from the Original Franchise.


But some things seem to have changed due to a possible Rights issues with using the TV Show Name and actually doing the Original Two Films have caused some issues and there may be some slight changes…

Now the word Conflict can mean two things…

1. Simple it’s hinting at the fact of the word VS and since there is a Ash Cloud in the Photo it will be Ash Vs Evil Dead.

2. It means that there are trouble with the rights and that they are changing the Maze from being based on the Original Films to The TV Show. Hence the word “Alteration”.


This very week was to have announcement for Hollywood and it didn’t happen and this may be the reason as to why…

So it begs the question…

“Has The Evil Dead Maze Been Changed?”

Now there are two times where something like this has happened where the Maze was to be based on the Original Films and be promoting the TV Show but then something happened…


1. From Dusk Till Dawn (2014) –

Most people actually don’t know this happened… but what happened was is that the Maze was gonna promote the TV Show but use Scenes from the Original Film only there was right issues and they changed it to be based on the TV Show.


2. Scream (2015) –

The Issue I’m sure all of us are aware of… In 2015 Orlando was to have a Scream Maze based on the Original Film but the right owners wanted them to base it on the TV Show there was some conflict and then the Maze got pulled and The Purge came in as a Replacement Maze. Read more about that here.


From what Sources are saying… The Maze is still happening but much like From Dusk Till Dawn in 2014 it will be changed from being based on the Original Films to being based on the TV Show. So no it’s not gonna be another SCREAM there are some positives to this…

sian davis (as mrs. johnson) - episode 101

The Locations are very different and will allow for a much different environment than just the Cabin as it takes us to all sorts of places and there are some episodes that do take place in the Cabin.

There also a TON of different types of Demons in the TV Show like Eligos, The Possessed Car, Deadites, Ball, Possessed Characters, Killer Dolls, and more!

(PLEASE put this in the Maze Universal!)

But there some negatives and some positives but I believe that either way it will make for a Great Maze!



What do you think? Do you like the Change of it being based on the TV Show and not the films or are you disappointed? Did you attend 2013 and experience the Evil Dead Maze based on the Remake? If so let us know in the comments! Tell us all your thoughts in the Comments!