Insidious Chapter 4 is the JP Queue?

Now as someone who is from Hollywood and is a big fan of HHN I like to speculate and see what’s coming. Also to help guide people when they are don’t when something is wrong or right. In May I wrote a Article for HHN Hollywood Locations and I highly advice you check that out because today I’m gonna be talking about the JP Queue.


The JP Queue is the most famous location for HHN Mazes and Speculating. The Mazes that have been here over the past 6 years are..

2012: Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare

2012: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Saw is the Law

2013: Insidious: Into The Further

2014: An American Werewolf In London

2015: Insidious: Return to the Further

2016: Halloween: Hell Comes To Haddonfield

All of the Mazes have been very popular but I wanted to talk about the Property that is rumored to be going into the JP Queue and to explain to people what it is…

But first I’m gonna tell you what it is not…



(Photo Credit to Juan Vera)

I want one person to explain how this House looks like The Blumhouse Logo. I’m not saying the Blumhouse Mashup isn’t happening but it’s defintely not in this area. On top of that Murdy has stated that the House is done.






















The Arrow on Top for the logo would’ve been added by now but it wasn’t so it deletes the possibility of it being the Blumhouse Logo. Furthermore Murdy has actually confirmed it’s not the Blumhouse Logo. 













Furthermore I have to talk about the Other Connection for this Property as the Facade.















(If this Maze was associated with Face Off it would most likely be shared with Orlando)

This House is a actually house in LA that was used in Season 10, Episode 13 called Sinister Showdown: Part 1 on the TV Show Face Off. This Episode actually did feature Jason Blum but it didn’t anything to do with a Mashup. They go inside the House for a Challenge. What’s funny is that this House is completely random and has nothing to do with the Mashup as Murdy said…
















So it obviously has to do with a Property right? It’s not associated with any sort of Original Facade because Murdy said so but the thing is that we have never seen this house in a Blumhouse Film before. And since it’s not associated with the Mashup what it is associated with?


The Insidious Franchise has been very popular at the Event as it was a Maze at Hollywood in 2013 and 2015 in the JP Queue and was a Maze at Orlando in 2015.


The Rumor is for Hollywood that the Maze going into the JP Queue is Insidious Chapter 4. Some of you may be asking…

“But Insidious Chapter 4 got pushed back to January why are they doing it on a Film that got pushed back to January that doesn’t come out during the Event? That doesn’t make a lot of sense!”

The Thing is that this Maze was gonna be at the Event before it got pushed it was gonna be a Maze promoting the New Film coming out in October but it got pushed to January and they decided they would still do the Maze – that’s what we’re hearing.


On top of that the two extra Maze Treatments Murdy was writing was for AHS (The Change from 3 Seasons to simply Roanoke) and the Replacement Maze for The Conjuring.














Then what about Orlando for Insidious? Well Orlando is rumored to have Insidious as a Cameo in their Blumhouse Mashup as hinted by our Good Friend “The Ifrit”.












So Insidious is being Planned on being a Cameo in Orlando’s Blumhouse Mashup while being a full on Maze for Hollywood to promote Chapter 4. On top of that the two extra Maze Treatments are AHS and Replacement for The Conjuring. So there is no replacement for the Insidious Chapter 4 Maze. So finally I need to get into other details like how this has actually happened in the Past.

The Wolfman was Pushed Back in 2009:


In 2009 what happened was that there was Maze being Planned on the Remake of The Wolfman. The Release Date was gonna be released in July 2009 which was perfect for Promoting because in October that’s around the time the Blue-Ray/DVD would come out but it pushed back to Febuary 12th, 2010.


But Orlando decided to still do a Maze on the film even though the Event starts in September and it’s promoting a Film that comes out in 5 Months. Which is the Same Case for Hollywood and Insidious Chapter 4.

So let’s actually talk about the Codename associated with the JP Queue…










Writer’s Block:


– Murdy went through 20,000 Pictures for this Maze

– Has nothing to do with Writer’s Block

– The Letter “N” have to do with the Property

– “It doesn’t specifically have to do with writer’s block…more the keyboard in the pic”

– Confirmed to be in JP Queue

– Treatment is 121 Pages Long


For those of you still saying Blumhouse Mashup and that Connection is Sinister and that it’s because Ethan Hawke has Writer’s Block in the Film.


But the thing is that Murdy stated that the Codename has nothing to do with Writer’s Block. So it cuts that Connection and that house is not in Sinister nor Sinister 2. So it could be Insidious Chapter 4 because of Insidious. Also the 20,000 Photos thing can be that he went through photos from the set and photos from 1, 2, and 3 and then decided to do Chapter 4 only.

But let’s talk about the House and what is the House…

The House:


The House itself is a Vacant House that is located near by Inglewood Oil Fields. It is a House that is free for filming but wouldn’t it make sense that Jason Blum remembered the House that was used on Face Off and liked it so much that he wanted to use it for Insidious Chapter 4. Also I want you to look at this Set Photo from the Film.











The Field behind them looks very much like the Inglewood Oil Fields as this is what the fields look like…


The Film is confirmed to be taking place in New Mexico and the House and Fields are very much looking like New Mexico.

Props from Insidious located outside of the JP Queue:
















Not only that but the Fence from 2015’s Maze was also located outside of the JP Queue.

Halloween/Krampus Mix up in the JP Queue:



Last year the JP Queue was heavily speculated to be Krampus by how the Facade looks and Murdy said multiple times that it was not Krampus and then it was announced… and it was Halloween. 


Which could be the same thing with Blumhouse and Insidious Chapter 4 that people are thinking Blumhouse but it’s actually Insidious.

Other Hints:







On top of that Murdy a while back said he was meeting with some well known horror film makers and someone asked if they all made movies for the same company (As in Blumhouse) and he said “Not Really”. Also…






Which cancels out Jason Blum as he appeared on the Scarela Panel in 2013.





This was back in December when Murdy was writing AHS and reading a Script for another film which very well could be Insidious Chapter 4.




Murdy has also shown interest in seeing the Film as it would make sense since he would be doing a Maze on it.



This would make sense because Murdy wants people to wait and not jump so he can surprise then with Insidious Chapter 4 in the JP Queue. 

To conclude Insidious Chapter 4 will most likely be in JP Queue and will be a Hollywood Exclusive House while Insidious will have a Cameo in Blumhouse Mashup for Orlando.


(Shoutout to HorrorNightsFan13 for the Picture of the JP Queue facade above. Subscribe to him on Youtube and follow him on Twitter)

Do you agree? Do you think Insidious Chapter 4 will in the JP Queue? Did you attend the Event in 2013 or 2015 at Hollywood or Orlando and experience the Insidious Maze? If so what did you think of It? Tell us your thoughts in the Comments below!

Take it away Charlotte…