We’ve cracked a HHN code!

Every single year for Halloween Horror Nights there has been dozens upon dozens of rumors about certain properties coming to the event. One of the Properties that is hot on the rumor chain right now and just finished filming is Halloween.  We’ve looked at the clues and we believe we’ve cracked them!  This IP fits the clues given so far and here’s why…

For those unaware Halloween is having a new movie being released in 2018 that is being produced by Blumhouse who have worked with Universal on The Horrors of Blumhouse Maze from last year (plus many others!). Recently, Halloween finished up filming and will probably start post production soon. Halloween has been at the event back in 2014 for Orlando, 2015 for Hollywood, and 2016 for both. All of this mazes have been loved by both the HHN Fans Community and the wider General Public.  And the HHN Gods also love Halloween

Could Michael Aiello be hinting at Halloween by going to the Myers House? Before HHN27 Michael tweeted out about reading The Shining and then it came to the Event.

Could this also been a Hint towards Halloween coming back?

Murdy had dropped a hint of a film called “Terror in the Aisles”  that will lead you to a Codename.  John Beal did the Soundtrack for the film. “John” is a common name. John Beal. John Murdy. John Carpenter. John Beal also did the Soundtrack to the film and the Intro Track to the film is a Copy/Nod of the Halloween 2 Main Theme.

Could John Murdy be saying that since the new Halloween film is coming out that since “Terror in the Aisles” Opening Track is a Copy of the Halloween 2 Main Theme and the New Film coming out this year is supposed to be a Direct sequel to the original. So is John Murdy saying that Blumhouse’s Halloween is the REAL Halloween 2? 


In addition there has been a Leaked Lineup that went around Inside Universal that had mentioned Halloween coming back to the Event.

The final thing I have to say that could be a sign of Halloween coming to the Event is a article that came out a few days after last year’s opening night via Forbes.

So whilst we were all distracted by HHN27, Murdy was laying the groundwork for HHN28!

Murdy: “We have a great relationship with Jason Blum and I certainly have my eye on his new Halloween film which will be released in October 2018. We’re always trying to keep our fingers on the pulse of where the horror genre is going and Michael Meyers is one of my favorite properties. I’m really excited to actually have Jason here to celebrate the opening night with us and I’m going to probably hit him up for a copy of the script.”

Jason: “You say John Murdy already has his eye on Halloween for next year? Oh boy. I’m getting him a script immediately, we have to do Halloween. Are you kidding me? We have to do it, we hope to, he hasn’t agreed but that would be amazing. We did announce that Jamie Lee Curtis will be returning to Halloween, that’s correct, but will there be any more legacy surprises for fans? There might be. No comment.”

Mr Sandman bring us a dream… Do you think Halloween is coming back for HHN28? Are you excited for it? Let us know in the Comments!