Rumor: Something weird in the code…

Our good pal the Web Master has been diving deep into the recently updated code from the current Universal Orlando website.

The code is a huge database of words, numbers and letters that may look utter gibberish to you or I but it is actually really important as it’s the computer to computer language that makes the internet work.

And why do we take sneaky peaks at the code? Well the code often contains ghostly signatures for upcoming updates that might indicate the names of future updates or, as in this case, shows us with a list of words that optimize the website to make it easily findable for Google.

We also search the code as in past years it has actually revealed huge codes on houses that hadn’t been announced. For example, The Shining’s house name was located in the code as ‘Jack’ which we all assumed was Jack the Clown but in fact it was Jack from The Shining that was hiding in plain sight!

Anyway, back to the optimization words and phrases. The huge list contains lots and lots of possible Google search terms that would allow Google to find the HHN website over others, countless entries of “Park Hours for Horror Nights”, “Universal Horror Nights”, “Mazes for Orlando HHN” etc.

Now the exciting latest edition to this list is “Universal Fright Night”. Which is a very weird entry as HHN was, for the very first year only, know as Universal’s Fright NightS. But this entry is not plural, it is “Fright Night”. Which as you will know is also the name of a cult classic 80’s horror movie.

This is also significant as this movie would make an AWESOME source material for a maze and the best part, it’s produced via Columbia/Sony and the recent remake was produced by DreamWorks which is a Universal owned company. Universal also has an existing relationship with Columbia as they lease the rights to use Men in Black in the park and have used the rights for one of their biggest franchises: Ghost Busters for many years!

So there you have it, might be something or might be absolutely nothing. Whatever the truth we thought we’d share with you from this fascinating find, thanks HHNU Web Master!

So what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Remember: NOTHING is confirmed until Universal confirms it officially and this is just a speculative rumor!