Christopher Ripley – Editor and Author of the Unofficial Story & Guide to HHN

Born in the UK but traveling to and living in the US for many years has been attending both Universal Studios Florida and Hollywood for over 20 years. An architect by day, his passion for architecture, construction and filmmaking has piqued his interest at Universal Studios where their dedication to design, build and perform the best Halloween attractions in the world has led him to write extensively about the subject and allowed him to write his first book, ‘Halloween Horror Nights: The Unofficial Story & Guide’.  He has also authored ‘Universal Monsters: Origins’ and has a forthcoming title based on the works of Alfred Hitchcock.

Scott Rifkin – Webmaster & Reporter for HHN Unofficial

Hello my name is Scott Rifkin , and I’ve lived in Florida practically all my life and I’ve been a loyal follower of Universal since the beginning. I’ve watched the park grow over the years and with it, Universal Studio’s Fright Nights and Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. I get a frequent fear pass every year, and attend the event at least 10 times per season. I’ve also seen many of the houses behind the scenes in Unmasking the Horror tours and love learning everything there possibly is to know about every minuscule detail. I believe there is no such thing as talking too much about HHN, and I’m here to prove just that!


Austin Proctor – Social Media Guru and Instagram Manager

Austin has been a fan of HHN forever and a day!


Rob McMullen – Staff Writer for HHN Unofficial  

Hey guys, my name is Rob McMullen. I’m born and raised in the great state of New Jersey and I’ve been following HHN ever since I was a kid. I remember first discovering HHN when I watched The Art of the Scare special on the Travel Channel and from that day on I was obsessed with the amazing world that Universal had created with HHN. I first attended HHN in 2007 for the Carnival of Carnage and from the second I stepped into the park I knew I was home. Jack and The Caretaker are my favorite Icons but I can honestly say I love them all! My pride and obsession of HHN runs year round and I look forward to writing for the HHN Unofficial team and becoming a larger member of the Halloween Horror Nights family.

Amanda Marie – Staff Writer for HHN Unofficial

My name is Amanda I grew up and still reside in Pennsylvania.  I’ve been a horror fan for a very long time also been to Halloween Horror Nights three times and many more frights to come.


Leila Carmella Ippolito – Official Photographer for HHN Unofficial

Expert photographer, Florida local and HHN fanatic since 2003!


Freddy Leon – Staff Writer for HHN Unofficial

Evening, boils and ghouls! My name is Freddy, born and raised in Miami, FL, and I’ve been a committed yearly Halloween Horror Nights attendee since 2007’s Carnival of Carnage. The long and short of it is I’m a comic book geek and movie buff. My high school yearbook quote was the Green Lantern oath and I closed my best man speech at my brother’s wedding with “May the Force be with you”. It’s tough to think of a favorite HHN house, but 2008’s Dead Exposure and 2014’s Halloween house immediately spring to mind. And to give some love to the scare zones, both 2009’s War of the Living Dead and 2014’s The Purge gave me some of the most fun moments I’ve had at a Horror Nights event.


Rosie Jones – Social Media Manager

I LIVE for HHN, I’ve been going to the event for the last 5 years and I simply cannot wait for the event to start every year.  I’m a huge film buff and I really enjoy the houses and scarezones that are based on movies; walking through a house and feeling like you’re in a movie is a unique experience that only HHN can offer.  I look forward to running the HHNU social media channels – see you in the parks!


Daniel Ryan – Staff Writer for HHN Unofficial

Daniel was born and raised in Orlando, he has been a regular attendee of HHN since 2000.  His favorite icon is Jack and he once auditioned for Universal.  After completing his college course, he now works in journalism.  His main hobbies are watching sport, fishing and writing.  He literally has a calendar on his desk at work where he is counting down the days to the next HHN.


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