Orlando HHN Auditions Are Closed… Or Are They?

According to reports this year's HHN roaster to audition to become a Scareactor on the East coast filled up quicker than ever before.  People from all over applied within the short window before all audition slots were quickly filled.  And if you missed out, well that's a total bummer.  But good news as you may … Continue reading Orlando HHN Auditions Are Closed… Or Are They?


HHNUnofficial’s Story & Guide for 2017

Did you know HHNU's HHN guide for 2017 has just been released?  And to make it even more exciting, the book instantly became a bestselling new release for US travel guides! The fear-filled coverage includes: Walkthroughs of every house and scarezone in Orlando HHN history Backstories of HHN icons like Jack the Clown and icons-that-never-were … Continue reading HHNUnofficial’s Story & Guide for 2017