Speculating what’s to come

So far this year, we have brought you rumors regarding HHN26’s house line up backed by some amount of facts or hearsay. But we all know that HHN secrets are typically kept under wraps as tighltly as a new born child. What could be hiding under said wraps? We have two ideas, and some pretty solid reasons as to why they can be more than a possibility.

A Classic, Collecting Dust.


Candyman: Most of us have seen it, but none of us have seen it fully realized as a haunted house. We know what you’re thinking; “Wow! Why haven’t I they thought about this before?!” and there are a few reasons why this movie has never received the haunted house treatment it so deserves, but we will spare you from those reasons here, for now. That’s enough material for a whole article.

But now that it’s 2016 and times have changed, this movie could possibly make a big comeback in Universal Studios Orlando, and here’s why:

The Walkthrough

First off, this movie presents a fantastic opportunity to create a unique walk through experience, full of crawl spaces and creepy corridors. Not to mention the fact that all of the walls of the interiors in the movie are covered in the wonderful graffiti artwork of urban artists. Much like the Purge haunted house did for HHN 25, it would make for a marvelous feast for the eyes during the experience. And hey, let’s be honest, who DOESN’T want to crawl through the infamous mouth of the Candyman’s lair as Virginia Madsen did?!?


Sounds and smells

HHN houses have a track record for using particular smells and sounds to get under the guests skin and scare them on a psychological level. The Candyman has an interesting fixation with bees. Bees make an irritating buzzing noise that can easily get into your head and really bug you (PUNS!) Much like how Jason’s trademark “chhh chhh chh ha ha” sounds are used to make you feel as if he is hiding in every possible corner (which he is!), the sound of swarming bees could be used much for the same effect.


Remember that scene in the movie where Helen finds herself having to go to the bathroom in the Candyman’s part of town and the bathroom was under disrepair, vandalized, and dirtier than a sewer? Well, anyone who has been lucky enough to see Islands of Fear’s “Pyshocoscarepy” or 2009’s “Saw” house will know exactly where I’m going with this one: the  infamous poo smell will definitely find a home in this house. It’s not for everyone, but it is definitely an effective scare tactic.

Revitalizing a Box Office Flop

HHN is no stranger to crafting fantastic haunted houses out of movies from their own studio that unfortunately didn’t do so well. These houses aren’t always great (we’re looking at you, Dracula: Untold!) but more often than not, these houses are a great representation of the movie and helps universal rekindle interest in the movie and boost Blu-Ray and DVD sales. So where are we going with this?


Complete with a fearsome and frightening executioner, Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno was released by Universal Studios in September of 2015, not soon after HHN 25 opened it’s gates. It was a spectacular cannibal gorefest that only Eli Roth could bestow upon us (director of the Hostel franchise and Cabin Fever) Being that this film was produced under Universal’s banner and on their watch, they wouldn’t have to buy or fight for any rights to use the property.

This movie’s production level was huge, and the end result is nothing less than polished, but unfortunately didn’t make much money at the box office. Apparently, most people don’t want to watch people get brutally mutilated and eaten by cannibals. Go figure!

Frightening Imagery Galore in a Forrested Setting


Given that this movie was about cannibals, it should be no surprise that it had a lot of body parts and even whole bodies on stakes, amongst other gruesome things most people would never want to see ever in their own lives. On top of this, the movie presented a large sense of isolation and helplessness as it was set in the middle of the vast Peruvian rainforest. We all know that no hope of escape makes any situation that much scarier.

The movie also had a sacrificial stone, much like the Mayans had, which was used generously to execute the captives. There was also an oven that the natives used to cook the chopped up bodies after their horrifying deaths.

The concept of a forrested haunted house, walking by dead bodies impaled onto sticks, all while being chased by a terrifying man in a loincloth painted black with a yellow face wanting to brutally mutilate you and feed you to his people sounds like loads of fun to us here at HHN Unofficial. That and the smell of burning flesh! Not to mention walking by a sacrificial stone while someone is getting chopped up, or perhaps decapitated on!


Do you agree? Would you want to see either of these movies become a horrifying haunted house experience? Let us know!