Further Icon Speculation

A few days ago, we brought forth speculation into this year’s icon. HHNU writer Scott thinks that’s all fine and dandy, but he has a different idea, and the evidence to back it up….

Who is Lady Death?

Last year, HHN 6 in Singapore brought a new, original icon to the HHN scene. Her name was Lady Death, and her and her minions so to speak were decorated in the Mexican “Dia de Los Muertos” aesthetics. Their faces were painted like sugar skulls, and Lady Death herself had a headdress with red roses and a single human skull. Lady Death was basically a character who was essentially a bringer of death to those whose time has come. She could also bring the dead back to life, and those she did bring back to life would follow her loyally. It was very much inspired by the traditional Mexican “day of the dead” celebration where the dead would come back to life and parade the streets with music and dance, they even had a parade! I for one am really excited if this turns out to be true, because then we can finally get a parade again!!


Look at the website, slogan, and imagery.

Yes, when the Caretaker was first introduced, the slogan was very similar to what it is this year. But consider this, “Your time has come” also refers to death itself when your time is up. Considering Lady Death would come to those whose time is up, this could very well be referring to her.

Let’s also compare the imagery on the website, official Facebook page, and this year’s logo details.

Her Headdress

It’s pretty hard to ignore the fact that Lady Death’s headdress looks a lot like the GIF floating around on the official website and Facebook page (pun intended), depicting a skull and roses floating on the surface of water.

The Details in the Logo

The top of this year’s logo has a skull. Taking a closer look at this skull, you will notice that it has some fine detail that looks very similar to what you would see on a sugar skull, which is classic imagery from Dia De Los Muertos, as well as what the actors wore on their face in Singapore.

Bonus Clues

Consider this: Last year, Jack went to Singapore, and left Chance in charge of the Orlando event.


This was also during Lady Death’s reign over Singapore, where Jack had his own stage show: Jack’s Nightmare Circus. If Orlando can bring Singapore an icon, certainly Singapore can bring one to Orlando!

Could Jack bring Lady Death back with him? Jack could have seen her and enjoyed what she brought to Singapore’s event, and liked it so much that he could invite her to take over HHN27, just as Chance took over HHN26!

As much as we would like to see the Caretaker come back, we would like to see something new even more so, especially if it involves a parade!

Do you think Lady Death is coming for us? Would you like to see the return of nightly parades? Let us know in the comments!