HHN Orlando Teases 1st Info

Just a quick update for you…

The Official Universal Studios Orlando Twitter feed has been teasing us dear fans with their 1st posts about the work they are currently doing to bring the event to us this fall.

The process of making the codenames for the houses public is something that has originated from HHN Hollywood with John Murdy, he has been teasing Horror Night goers for years with his codenames and innuendos.  Whereas back on the Atlantic coast us fans have had to dig around to find the codenames, often gleaming them through investigative work undertaken to find the building permits with the City of Orlando, but no longer!  Read more about that here.

The official twitter feed of Orlando’s HHN has handed us our first codename, “Cobweb”.  They also replied to a tweet from our very good friend Sir Owen Disney who asked whether the house was going to be an IP (Intellectual Property not owned by Universal) or would it be a wholly new house designed from scratch in-house.  The answer was an emphatic “original”.  They also went on to say this about the Orlando codenames:

Don’t read into them too deeply. They allow us to speak out in the open about content without revealing anything. I have to confess UO maze codenames are for team functionality – For ease of speaking when in meetings. Usually one to two syllables.

They then posted a screen capture from one of the latest houses they were working on, which was or was not necessary “cobweb”.


Looking carefully at what is posted we can see the typical transition corridor with possible ‘boo-doors’ on either side, with the typical scareactor runs from the outer sides.  The small floating object in the main room appears to be a bird or bat, these props hung from above are called SIF (Stuff In Face) by the event’s creatives. The long tubes to the left are strange, they could be ventilation pipes added for effect…  What do you think?  We know the die-hard HHN fans will be VERY pleased to hear they are working on brand-new original content for the event, as many of the longterm goers to the event do prefer original content houses over IPs (though this author likes both!).

If this is the “cobweb” house, could it be vampire related with bats?  Or is the prop a bird and is in fact the designs of the rumored Alfred Hitchcock house?  Only time will tell…

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