Horror Nights Fan from the Moment I Entered the Gates.

Growing up in Georgia I was always aware of Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, but never had an opportunity to attend the event until HHN 25.  My experience at that year’s event was so incredible that I instantly became a fan determined to attend every HHN to follow.

Once I entered Universal’s gates I was encompassed in everything that was the Carnival of Carnage. For being chased around by chainsaw wielding maniacs and steampunk versions of Disney characters to hearing the constant background noises of Jack’s maniacal laughter.

The first house I entered was Jack Presents 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem. It is almost impossible to explain in words the sheer bliss I experienced in this house.  This house was an incredible hodgepodge of classic horror films.  Each film’s scene was replicated to the minute detail. It was literally like I was in the movies.

Next, I moved on the house that brought me to the event Freddy vs. Jason.  Growing up in the 1980’s Freddy and Jason were two of the three major horror icons.  Walking from room to room, I revived  movie memories from my childhood.  This house showed how truly heart-stopping it would be to have Jason Voorhees hunt you down.  The scare actors dressed as Jason were unbelievably massive and needless to say menacing.  Now for the main man Krueger, the originator of my nightmares. The Freddy actors were so realistic with their movements and strikes that you thought that they were going to abduct people to the boiler room.

Finally, the house that stole the show for me was Insidious. I have to admit the films did not scary me to say the least, so I had low expectations going into this house. However, Universal did such a great job with this house that it seemed as you were truly wandering through the further. The dark atmosphere and creepy background music surrounded you making it feel as everyone in the house was a prisoner in this spirit world with no hope of escape.

Universal’s Response According to HHNU

Phew, what a news week!  After decades of supposed under funding for new attractions at Walt Disney World, Bob Iger in a blaze of final glory has opened the money taps that would make his predecessor Michael Eisner blush (remember him?).  D23 reported on new WDW attractions, lands, resorts, transportations, restaurants and more!  And although Universal has plenty of it’s own going on right now (Nintendo, Furious and third/fourth gate), we at HHNU thought we’d throw our two pence into the mix and list down the line what we think Universal’s response should be…

  1. A Year Round Haunt at the Studios

We spoke about this a few months ago when we received a solid tip that USF were reconsidering the idea after putting in on the ‘back-burner’ since last year.  Universal Hollywood have a long tradition of year round haunts, they’ve had Van Helsing, Classic Monsters and now a super duper Walking Dead haunt.  Orlando on the other hand has had none of these.  A year round haunt perhaps themed to the HHN icon’s or a more generic haunt that can be redressed every Halloween would be a welcomed addition to the parks!  They could even dust this idea off and give it a go…

    2. Bring Jaws Back!

Last year they brought old banana breath back after a hiatus of 14 years away from the resort.  Kongfrontation had been an opening day attraction that although had operating issues and was expensive to run, it was an excellent attraction that modern attractions and their screens will never compare to.  Kong’s return was hailed as a success and gave Universal great marketing opportunities.  That’s why when the decision was made 5 years ago to get ride of old Bruce it was a double-edged-sword that he would be replaced with a Potter expansion.  Yes we all love Potter but we all loved JAWS too!  ‘The Shark in the Dark‘ experience at HHN of riding the Jaws ride at night was always a must do for HHN aficionados.

JAWS was the classic attraction that despite it continued faults and whole rebuild was dubbed by Universal Parks then CEO as “an excellent attraction where guests are continually being chased as food.”  JAWS has never left Hollywood or Japan’s parks – so it needs to return to Orlando in one shape or another.  Imagine the house of mouse’s shock if such an iconic and popular movie was to return – they would not be able to compete.

Whether you’re 4 or 94 you know the sound that people make in every beach and pool across the world, John William’s classic “dur dum, dur dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum…”  It’s brand awareness like that that your Shrek’s/McStuffins/Zootopia’s etc etc will never reach.

     3. Jurassic World

Jurassic World was a box-office phenomenon a couple of years ago.  A surprise hit that matched drama, peril, disaster and action in equal measures.  People loved this movie, that’s why it is no surprise that many of the original cast members are currently filming the sequel to this hit right now ready for 2018. So how cool would it be to take your own adventure in a geo-sphere or come face to face with the impossible Indominus Rex?

     4. More Potter

Disney’s gonna build the world’s first fully immersive and interactive hotel resort based on the Star Wars movies.  It’s also slated to not be very big and to cost upwards of $1000 a night.  Disney are banking on this crossing the zeitgeist and becoming this huge meta sensation, BUT, imagine the look on the Disney Executives faces if Universal announced that down the road you could stay in a Harry Potter themed hotel, that was just an immersive, just as interactive but was bigger and cheaper per night.  Disney would not be happy.  This has to happen!

5. Even More Potter

People love Potter, so in the words of the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels “give ’em what they want!Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was released last year to great praise and applause and with Universal being firmly in partnership with Rowling, wouldn’t be awesome to see this movie made into a full E-Ticket somewhere within one of the parks.  On top of this there is also the rumored Ministry of Magic and other worlds within this franchise that could be explored for theme park potential.

HHNU Add:  If Universal does plan to implement any of these ideas – please remember to leave space for HHN!  Or better still, build us some spaces to build houses!

So there you have, Universal now has the land and it certainly has the talent, so what’s stopping you guys – let’s beat Disney – hashtag #ThemeParkWar.  Do you like these HHNU ideas for park additions?  Let us know in the comments!


The Top Five Houses I Would Love To See At An HHN

1. The Return of the Living Dead

This is one of my favorite horror films and it has so much material that could be used for a house. The movie is an incredible mixture of horror, fast paced action and humor. All they would have to do to make me happy with this one is give us the scene with goo zombie in the basement.

2. Fright Night

For this house I only want the 1984 classic, because the remake was a hot mess. I like my vampires to be gentlemen with sense of style and suave personality. The only that sparkles on these vampires is the diamond in their pinky ring.

3. Suspiria in 3D

This house screams to be 3D experience. I want all the beautiful colors and amazing visuals from the film. Not to mention how trippy it would be to walk through the house’s halls hearing the theme song by Goblin playing overhead.

4. The Howling or Dog Soldiers

I’m a huge werewolf movie fan, so either one of these films as a house would make me happy. It’s easy to make this one a winner. Just gives us seven foot petrifying werewolves attacking us in the tight confines of a house or cottage.

5. Eraserhead

Anything one who has seen this sci-fi classic knows how dark and creepy the visuals are. Give me a house with the creepy visuals and ambient sounds coming at you from nowhere and this one could be the cause of many a nightmare.

Which of these houses would you like to see at HHN?  And which houses would you love to see!  Let us know in the comments!

Mourning a Horror Legend

I’m sure this news comes as no surprise but everyone here at HHNU was saddened to hear news on the passing of George A Romero at the age of 77 today. He truly was a pioneer in not only the horror genre but also became famous for essentially creating the zombie genre which has swept the world throughout the last almost 60 years.NOLD

Romero’s first step into the spotlight came in 1968 when he directed a small movie in rural Pittsburgh, PA titled Night of the Living Dead. With a budget of less than $200,000 the movie had not only grossed over $30 million worldwide but would also go down in history as one of the most famous cult horror movies of all time. After the success of Night of the Living Dead Romero went on to work on smaller films such as Season of the Witch and The Crazies. The ladder of which went on to be remained in 2010 by director Breck Eisner. tom george.jpg

Of course, Romero would later go on to continue his “Dead” series with the installments of Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead in 1978 and 1985. Throughout George Romero’s career he has directed and created some of the most iconic and memorable faces in the horror world. He has worked with the great Stephan King in the theatrical release of Creepshow. Along with essentially beginning the career of Mr. Tom Savini who has been behind the FX creations in hundred of movies, including; Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dawn of the Dead, Creepshow, and Day of the Dead.

Without the amazing pioneering that Mr. Romero has done throughout his career we would not have some of the amazing horror and Halloween Horror Nights History that we have today. Directors and creators such as Rob Zombie, Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead),  John Carpenter (Halloween), Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, and Seth Grahame-Smith (Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies)TWD1-1440x900

So many of the writers and directors which George Romero has inspired have gone on to bring their horror creations to life based on the path which Romero had blazed before them and so many of these works have gone on to shape Halloween Horror Nights as we know it. Rob Zombie’s House of 1,000 Corpses might have never been brought to life in HHN Hollywood (2011). John Carpenter might never have created the Halloween Series which has been brought to life on both coasts! We might never have seen Shaun of the Dead appear in both HHN Hollywood and as a small scene in HHN Orlando. Without the work of Romero we might have never had Zombies in popular Horror Culture, which means we might not have ever seen; Dead Exposure, War of the Living Dead, Dead Man’s Wharf, Zombie Gras, and many many more!

George A Romero will forever be known as the “Godfather of Zombies” but he will also forever hold a place in the horror universe and the HHN universe as well.

Insidious Chapter 4 is the JP Queue?

Now as someone who is from Hollywood and is a big fan of HHN I like to speculate and see what’s coming. Also to help guide people when they are don’t when something is wrong or right. In May I wrote a Article for HHN Hollywood Locations and I highly advice you check that out because today I’m gonna be talking about the JP Queue.


The JP Queue is the most famous location for HHN Mazes and Speculating. The Mazes that have been here over the past 6 years are..

2012: Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare

2012: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Saw is the Law

2013: Insidious: Into The Further

2014: An American Werewolf In London

2015: Insidious: Return to the Further

2016: Halloween: Hell Comes To Haddonfield

All of the Mazes have been very popular but I wanted to talk about the Property that is rumored to be going into the JP Queue and to explain to people what it is…

But first I’m gonna tell you what it is not…



(Photo Credit to Juan Vera)

I want one person to explain how this House looks like The Blumhouse Logo. I’m not saying the Blumhouse Mashup isn’t happening but it’s defintely not in this area. On top of that Murdy has stated that the House is done.






















The Arrow on Top for the logo would’ve been added by now but it wasn’t so it deletes the possibility of it being the Blumhouse Logo. Furthermore Murdy has actually confirmed it’s not the Blumhouse Logo. 













Furthermore I have to talk about the Other Connection for this Property as the Facade.















(If this Maze was associated with Face Off it would most likely be shared with Orlando)

This House is a actually house in LA that was used in Season 10, Episode 13 called Sinister Showdown: Part 1 on the TV Show Face Off. This Episode actually did feature Jason Blum but it didn’t anything to do with a Mashup. They go inside the House for a Challenge. What’s funny is that this House is completely random and has nothing to do with the Mashup as Murdy said…
















So it obviously has to do with a Property right? It’s not associated with any sort of Original Facade because Murdy said so but the thing is that we have never seen this house in a Blumhouse Film before. And since it’s not associated with the Mashup what it is associated with?


The Insidious Franchise has been very popular at the Event as it was a Maze at Hollywood in 2013 and 2015 in the JP Queue and was a Maze at Orlando in 2015.


The Rumor is for Hollywood that the Maze going into the JP Queue is Insidious Chapter 4. Some of you may be asking…

“But Insidious Chapter 4 got pushed back to January why are they doing it on a Film that got pushed back to January that doesn’t come out during the Event? That doesn’t make a lot of sense!”

The Thing is that this Maze was gonna be at the Event before it got pushed it was gonna be a Maze promoting the New Film coming out in October but it got pushed to January and they decided they would still do the Maze – that’s what we’re hearing.


On top of that the two extra Maze Treatments Murdy was writing was for AHS (The Change from 3 Seasons to simply Roanoke) and the Replacement Maze for The Conjuring.














Then what about Orlando for Insidious? Well Orlando is rumored to have Insidious as a Cameo in their Blumhouse Mashup as hinted by our Good Friend “The Ifrit”.












So Insidious is being Planned on being a Cameo in Orlando’s Blumhouse Mashup while being a full on Maze for Hollywood to promote Chapter 4. On top of that the two extra Maze Treatments are AHS and Replacement for The Conjuring. So there is no replacement for the Insidious Chapter 4 Maze. So finally I need to get into other details like how this has actually happened in the Past.

The Wolfman was Pushed Back in 2009:


In 2009 what happened was that there was Maze being Planned on the Remake of The Wolfman. The Release Date was gonna be released in July 2009 which was perfect for Promoting because in October that’s around the time the Blue-Ray/DVD would come out but it pushed back to Febuary 12th, 2010.


But Orlando decided to still do a Maze on the film even though the Event starts in September and it’s promoting a Film that comes out in 5 Months. Which is the Same Case for Hollywood and Insidious Chapter 4.

So let’s actually talk about the Codename associated with the JP Queue…










Writer’s Block:


– Murdy went through 20,000 Pictures for this Maze

– Has nothing to do with Writer’s Block

– The Letter “N” have to do with the Property

– “It doesn’t specifically have to do with writer’s block…more the keyboard in the pic”

– Confirmed to be in JP Queue

– Treatment is 121 Pages Long


For those of you still saying Blumhouse Mashup and that Connection is Sinister and that it’s because Ethan Hawke has Writer’s Block in the Film.


But the thing is that Murdy stated that the Codename has nothing to do with Writer’s Block. So it cuts that Connection and that house is not in Sinister nor Sinister 2. So it could be Insidious Chapter 4 because of Insidious. Also the 20,000 Photos thing can be that he went through photos from the set and photos from 1, 2, and 3 and then decided to do Chapter 4 only.

But let’s talk about the House and what is the House…

The House:


The House itself is a Vacant House that is located near by Inglewood Oil Fields. It is a House that is free for filming but wouldn’t it make sense that Jason Blum remembered the House that was used on Face Off and liked it so much that he wanted to use it for Insidious Chapter 4. Also I want you to look at this Set Photo from the Film.











The Field behind them looks very much like the Inglewood Oil Fields as this is what the fields look like…


The Film is confirmed to be taking place in New Mexico and the House and Fields are very much looking like New Mexico.

Props from Insidious located outside of the JP Queue:
















Not only that but the Fence from 2015’s Maze was also located outside of the JP Queue.

Halloween/Krampus Mix up in the JP Queue:



Last year the JP Queue was heavily speculated to be Krampus by how the Facade looks and Murdy said multiple times that it was not Krampus and then it was announced… and it was Halloween. 


Which could be the same thing with Blumhouse and Insidious Chapter 4 that people are thinking Blumhouse but it’s actually Insidious.

Other Hints:







On top of that Murdy a while back said he was meeting with some well known horror film makers and someone asked if they all made movies for the same company (As in Blumhouse) and he said “Not Really”. Also…






Which cancels out Jason Blum as he appeared on the Scarela Panel in 2013.





This was back in December when Murdy was writing AHS and reading a Script for another film which very well could be Insidious Chapter 4.




Murdy has also shown interest in seeing the Film as it would make sense since he would be doing a Maze on it.



This would make sense because Murdy wants people to wait and not jump so he can surprise then with Insidious Chapter 4 in the JP Queue. 

To conclude Insidious Chapter 4 will most likely be in JP Queue and will be a Hollywood Exclusive House while Insidious will have a Cameo in Blumhouse Mashup for Orlando.


(Shoutout to HorrorNightsFan13 for the Picture of the JP Queue facade above. Subscribe to him on Youtube and follow him on Twitter)

Do you agree? Do you think Insidious Chapter 4 will in the JP Queue? Did you attend the Event in 2013 or 2015 at Hollywood or Orlando and experience the Insidious Maze? If so what did you think of It? Tell us your thoughts in the Comments below!

Take it away Charlotte…



Has The Evil Dead Maze Been Changed?

A while back we had pointed out the potential rumors of the very popular Evil Dead 1 and 2 coming to HHN27. As also our very good friend “The Ifrit” had also pointed out this rumor to be true.

The Rumor was that there was (Still is) to be a Maze called Ash Vs Evil Dead that would be based off of The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn. It would use that name so that it can promote the TV Show while using scenes from the Original Franchise.


But some things seem to have changed due to a possible Rights issues with using the TV Show Name and actually doing the Original Two Films have caused some issues and there may be some slight changes…

Now the word Conflict can mean two things…

1. Simple it’s hinting at the fact of the word VS and since there is a Ash Cloud in the Photo it will be Ash Vs Evil Dead.

2. It means that there are trouble with the rights and that they are changing the Maze from being based on the Original Films to The TV Show. Hence the word “Alteration”.


This very week was to have announcement for Hollywood and it didn’t happen and this may be the reason as to why…

So it begs the question…

“Has The Evil Dead Maze Been Changed?”

Now there are two times where something like this has happened where the Maze was to be based on the Original Films and be promoting the TV Show but then something happened…


1. From Dusk Till Dawn (2014) –

Most people actually don’t know this happened… but what happened was is that the Maze was gonna promote the TV Show but use Scenes from the Original Film only there was right issues and they changed it to be based on the TV Show.


2. Scream (2015) –

The Issue I’m sure all of us are aware of… In 2015 Orlando was to have a Scream Maze based on the Original Film but the right owners wanted them to base it on the TV Show there was some conflict and then the Maze got pulled and The Purge came in as a Replacement Maze. Read more about that here.


From what Sources are saying… The Maze is still happening but much like From Dusk Till Dawn in 2014 it will be changed from being based on the Original Films to being based on the TV Show. So no it’s not gonna be another SCREAM there are some positives to this…

sian davis (as mrs. johnson) - episode 101

The Locations are very different and will allow for a much different environment than just the Cabin as it takes us to all sorts of places and there are some episodes that do take place in the Cabin.

There also a TON of different types of Demons in the TV Show like Eligos, The Possessed Car, Deadites, Ball, Possessed Characters, Killer Dolls, and more!

(PLEASE put this in the Maze Universal!)

But there some negatives and some positives but I believe that either way it will make for a Great Maze!



What do you think? Do you like the Change of it being based on the TV Show and not the films or are you disappointed? Did you attend 2013 and experience the Evil Dead Maze based on the Remake? If so let us know in the comments! Tell us all your thoughts in the Comments!

Another look at the 26218 clue

Yesterday, I mentioned that Universal could possibly be hiding another clue in the Halloween Horror Nights Orlando’s website code with the fact that they named the HHN teaser picture 26218. Another possible solution to this cryptic clue could be solved by simply adding the numbers together. So, 2+6+2+1+8=19. Could July 19th be the date that Universal will reveal their second soul collector reward? July 19th is on a Wednesday, and as we have seen in a previous post Universal has been making a trend of releasing information on Wednesdays. Universal’s announcement pattern can be read here.

So what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

See Four SAW?

Have you seen SAW?  Of course you have, everyone has seen a least one of the movies in the horror franchise akin to Fast and the Furious with its seemingly never ending spate of sequels; but did you know that this year to celebrate the release of the latest edition to the popular franchise you’ll probably be able to see a SAW maze in 4 different locations around the world?  Let’s run down where and when…


1: UK

The UK has a year round house called SAW ALIVE which is actually inside a boat (long story) that is moored at Thorpe Park in the UK.  Along with the year round maze there is niffy roller coaster that makes you feel like you’re in some kind of elaborate Jig Saw death trap. HHNU Grand Poobah Chris was invited to TP last year to see the maze and reported that it wasn’t anything to get too excited about though…

2 & 3: Halloween Horror Nights

Still in the rumored category as it is not confirmed, we are being told that SAW mazes will feature both at HHN Orlando and Hollywood with a joint announcement expected to drop anytime soon.  If true this will see Jig Saw and his pig masked followers return to the event after successfully scaring us a few years ago.


4: Vegas baby!

A tip from HHNU reader Fransisco, writes in to let us know that SAW is also rumored to be a maze at the popular Freight Dome in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Though not confirmed yet, they published the above photo on their social media a few days ago.

So there you have it, if you LOVE SAW then you can SEE SAW (see what I did there?) in four different places this fall!

Are you excited for SAW?  Let us know in the comments! And let us know if you’re going to see SAW in Vegas!

My RIP Tour Experience

Last year I decided to look like a big shot and got RIP Tour tickets for my family. All I have to say is this experience is worth every dollar!

The first thing you do is pick-up your tickets at the VIP Lounge in front of Universal Studios. We waited about fifteen minutes inline to get your tickets and were then told to meet at Cafe La Bamba at a certain time. The fifteen minutes we waited for our tickets were the longest we had to wait for anything that night.



Inside Cafe Labamba we were walked to a table with all our tour members. They usually have you enter the cafe thirty minutes before you tour,so that you can enjoy the all you can eat buffet. The buffet included meal,dessert and non-alcoholic drinks. They do have a cash bar across from the tables, so you can drink alcohol. Here is a tip I discovered last year Universal will allow you bring in soda bottles with their tops on in the haunted houses, so grab another one of the free sodas before leaving the cafe.

While you are eating at the tables and meeting your tour members scare actors walk around and allow you to take photo with them. This was a nice touch. After twenty minutes or so your tour guide approaches the table and introduces themselves. The tour guide does a head count and lets you know where to meet up outside Cafe Labamba.

Once, all the tour members meet up outside your guide gives you an overview of the event and it’s houses. Next, the guide shows you their light-up wand to show you the group color and reminds you of your groups code name. This comes in handy after you have had a few to drink.


From there the guide walks you to the head of every house’s line. They check in with an Universal employee who checks how the house is flowing people in and out of it. Next, the tour guide gives an overview of the house you are about to enter. This can be entertaining if your tour guide is an want to be actor. This usually only takes about five minutes and boom you are in the house. This process then repeats throughout the night.

The final bonuses of the tour is that you get VIP seating for The Bill and Ted Show. The tour also makes two stops at cash bars, so you can relax and be social with your tour members. Finally, the tour gives you a jump to the head of the line on one the open rides. This ride is chosen by your tour guide, but don’t worry if the tour guide select a ride that is not your favorite one. Once, the tour ends your tickets then count as Express Passes for all open rides at Universal Studios.

To book your RIP Tour right now – click here.

Will you be booking a RIP tour?  Let us know in the comments!

Is Universal hiding another secret in their code?


If you look at the source code for Universal’s HHN Icon teaser you will see that this picture is named 26218. Could 26218 be the number of soul collectors Universal wants before they release the next clue or reward? The total number of Souls Claimed at the time of this article being written is 18,482.

Perhaps 26218 is a direct clue to who the icon is. Googling 26218 returns Upshur County, West Virginia. Could the rumored Nathanial Crow icon be a scarecrow from a West Virginia farm?

Just my thoughts, lemme know in the comments if you think I’m onto something…