Krampus IS Still Coming…

Krampus hasn’t been announced yet but we we’ve been talking about it since February, so in anticipation we wanted to go over why this house will could be flippin’ awesome, here’s our 7 reasons:


  1. Amazing Monsters

We all know what Universal can do with the puppets we’ve seen before (American Werewolf in London, HHNBear etc), so using this technology combined with actual scareactors will ensure the house is populated with some really cool effects.


  1. A familiar Narrative

Many, including us, believe this movie had eyes on being a HHN house since before it was even shot. The two families struggling against a cacophony of different monsters whilst set in domestic setting is something that can be translated into a HHN house very easily.


  1. Icy Environment

As with Shadybrook last year or Home for the Holidays in 2007, Universal knows how to build authentic locations in snowstorms. The house with the snowy façade, the broken down delivery van (complete with driver inside) and the creepy snowmen, we can just see it all now.  Right now – hurray – please.


  1. Scary and Funny

As with Home for the Holidays, there have been a huge number of comedic houses in the past. Some have fallen flat and others have been amazing. So this movie with its tongue-in-cheek humor will work well with the horror and story at hand.


  1. It’s Christmas!

Imagine the smells, the props, the music, and the atmosphere that only Universal can create. Burnt cookies here, evergreen trees there, blood splattered decorations everywhere. It will be a symphony for the senses this house!


  1. Location, Location, Location

Likely to be in a soundstage, this house could have a full-sized façade and many interconnecting rooms that could take the guests from the front porch right through to the snow globe scene at the end.


  1. Merch

Do we want: blood splattered Santa hats? Krampus bells and snowglobes? Human eating gingerbread men plush? Hell yes we do!


So will your Christmas wishes come true if when this comes along…?  Let us know!