Take a chance on Chance…

So do we need to take a chance on Chance?  Well not really, she is gonna be awesome come what may.  So we here at HHNU thought we’d share with you the 6 great reasons why Chance is gonna rock this #HHN26 from the things we know, the things we don’t and the things we’re not supposed to tell you, but will anyway….

Chance Will Reign at HHN 26 LR

  1. She’s Iconic

Chance may not be an original icon (though following this year she will be an official icon), she was planned to be the main icon for HHN in the year 2002.  Having introduced the world to Jack in 2000 and then Eddie jack again in 2001, the park wanted to maintain the clown-like theme and go with a squeeze of Jack’s for the next icon.  The idea that was frown around for a while was that the icon would be Jack’s ex-wife who had taken over control of HHN following a messy divorce.  Her name was Jill and she was supposed to be more wicked and more fun than Jack.  Unfortunately, for one reason or another she never appeared and instead we received The Caretaker as the icon that year.  Below is the concept art for how Jill would have appeared.


2. She’s apart of the event’s heritage

She didn’t ultimately turn-up in 2002 but she did finally make her debut at 2007’s epic year ‘The Carnival of Carnage’.  2007 was a momentous year long praised by the fans of being a true iconic year.  Jill, now Chance, was officially Jack’s partner in crime and would appear with him at the stage show throughout the event.  Her backstory being that she was a toy ballerina that Jack brought to life in a twisted and torturous manner.  Her wicked sense of humor and strong characterization was a sure fire hit with the fans.

After 2007, she popped up again at the 20th Anniversary event with Jack in the icon’s scarezone meeting and greeting the guests throughout the every event night.  Getting a picture of Jack and Chance that year was a sure fire must-do for any serious HHN fan.  Here’s one below (note that year she was played by a different actress).


3. She helped make #HHN25 one of the best yet

Jack and Chance were back with a bang for the 25th anniversary and they brought with them the unique twisted senses of humor for this fun packed year.  Both being played by the same original actors it brought a great sense of familiarity and ‘family’ to the event that had been missing over the past few years where just ‘The Walking Dead’ was the unofficial mascot for the event.  Chance was crucial to the success of last year with her maniac scenes and iconic appearance, she made us laugh and cry in equal measures!


4. She’ll have a house and a scarezone

Okay, so this is what you’ve been waiting for… We know for sure that she will have a house and a scarezone.  The information we have been told is that the house will be located in Shrek Theater #2 with the scarezone wrapping around the building from where you enter the maze right around to Shrek Alley (where Donkey is during the day).

We have reason to believe that the house will be partially set in Shadybrook and Hellgate Prison, where we will experience her in prisoned following the events of HHN25 and then brought into her twisted mind for the rest of the house.  The streets therefore will be an extension of her mind where unfortunate souls have been tortured and turned evil.  Mirroring her own original creation, her victims will be turned into twisted toy figurines right from Satan’s own toy box.


5. She has a new look

In 2007 and HHN20 Chance had largely the same costume and makeup.  Again, last year the costume was revised slightly but not largely different from previous years.  This year, her costume has been largely revised to make her look more like the ringmaster and less like the evil doll she was.  Her makeup has also taken on a more horrific and permanent guise that delights and horrifies in equal measures!



6. The internet is buzzing at the news!

Since the news was announced officially in early June (though we were teasing for some weeks before that, sor-wey) the internet has been officially going mad (in a good way) for not just Chance’s return but also for her taking her official crown as the icon for this year’s HHN.  In fact, the internet was buzzing so much that HHN was, for as much as I could remember, actually trending worldwide on Twitter.  That’s 1,000,000s of people all loving the return of our own Harlequin of horror!

She was also popping up in fan videos all over the place.  Including in my Dis After Dark Co-Host’s videos on Youtube:

And here’s how Chance’s makeup was done by her sister Ashlee:

So there you have it, our 6 diabolical reasons why Chance will be awesome at #HHN26 – let us know your thoughts and to play us out it’s Chance’s new theme song by the band that bore her house’s codename, ABBA….



Take a chance on her…