Behind the Scenes of the New Walking Dead Attraction


Universal Hollywood have finally let the cameras in to see how the new “Walking Dead” attraction is being put together.

With the official opening set for Monday, July 4th the team have been working around the clock to bring the deadly walker to life, well dead, you know what we mean!

The captivating two-minute video features insightful commentary from Greg Nicotero, executive producer and director of “The Walking Dead” as he tours his LA-based special effects studio, KNB Efx, which is responsible for masterfully creating the show’s—and now the attraction’s—realistic decaying walkers.

After six years of working on ‘The Walking Dead,’ we have a great opportunity to take ‘The Walking Dead’ out of the studio, off the soundstage and into an attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood where guests can come face-to-face with walkers,” said Greg Nicotero.

He continued, “It’s very exciting to be able to make the attraction as 100 percent authentic as possible. We’re getting the chance to utilize molds that were created specifically for the show and translate them into parts of the attraction.  We’re creating animatronic walkers that guests will be able to see…it’s never been done before….it’s one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art….and I can’t wait.”

See the video below…

When will you be attending?  I know many of us on the East Coast are bit bummed-out by TWD but would you welcome this kind of attraction in Orlando?  Let us know!