HHN Twitter teases Halloween 2 reveal

We have all been eagerly awaiting the next announcement for Horror Nights 26, and last night the Horror Nights Twitter page told us the next annoucement is coming, and we have a pretty good idea what it is….

UPDATE 7/7 12:35 PM: This article has been confirmed as true as of 12:35 PM today as the HHN-Orlando Twitter and Facebook announced “Halloween – Hell Comes To Haddonfield” as a house for HHN26. This house will be based on the 1981 film Halloween 2, as this piece predicts. Please enjoy this article in its originally published state, before announcement confirmation.

Michael Myers “coming home” once more?

The aforementioned Horror Nights Twitter post is as cryptic as can be, but us at HHNU can’t be stumped so easily.

The tweet, posted last night, included a short video of a heart monitor displaying a heartbeat. It looked a lot like this….actually, exactly like this:


The sounds coming from the monitor of the heart beating actually turns out to be morse code, more on that soon.

To better explain this message, we must first briefly describe the movie.

The original Halloween 2, released in 1981, was directed by Rick Rosenthal and John Carpenter (uncredited) and stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence.


The whole of the film takes place within a hospital in Haddonfield, Illonois, and portrays Michael Myers’s continued pursuit of Jamie Lee Curtis’s character, Laurie Strode, on the same night that the first movie left off.

It is important to take note that the Twitter post includes a heart monitor, commonly found in a hospital.


The fictional location of the film, Haddonfield, is actually a town in Livingston County. This is where that hidden morse code message comes into play. Decoding the series of beeps reveals the message “Livingston County.” Given that the location of the film is fictional, it’s reasonable to conclude that they are referring to the movie’s location.

We here at HHN Unofficial cannot confirm or deny that we knew Halloween 2 was coming this year, but after putting together all the clues this clever Twitter post gave us, anyone can see that there’s not much doubt: Michael Myers is making his way back to Halloween Horror Nights, where horror comes home.

Michael’s Last Appearance at HHN

Horror Nights 24’s Halloween house was incredible. No detail was overlooked, the soundtrack was perfect, and the scares were intense and plentiful.


Speaking for myself, I actually found it to be the most intense house that year, as well as my favorite.

The house was incredibly loud and the scares were in-your-face. Michael Myers would pop out at you absolutely everywhere and relentlessly. There were scareactor boo-holes literally every 10 to 15 feet, and some of them weren’t even used, but it was all to create the idea that you weren’t safe from the masked killer at any point.


The crowd favorite scene of the house, and some would agree the most frightening, consisted of a dark room with a non stop strobe light. The room contained 5 Michael Myers mannequins with their knives held high, and 2 actual Michael Myers scareactors standing still in the same positions as the mannequins. The strobe light made it impossible to tell which ones were real, and which ones were fake. Walking through this scene was terrifying as the real scareactor would suddenly stab at you from his frozen position. The real actors would also change where they stood night by night, so repeat visitors couldn’t predict where they would be standing.

A behind the scenes look at the scene is less intimidating, and shows multiple spots where the scareactors can stand and wait to swing their blade

Given how fantastically the previous Halloween franchise house was executed, there is no doubt that this next installment will be one to behold, as well as fear.

Are you excited for another Halloween house this year? Let us know in the comments!