Horror Nights Etiquette: Conduct on the Promenade

Last week we brought you the first installment of our series on proper etiquette for anyone attending horror nights (read it here). This week we dive into proper behavior on the streets of universal in and between the scarezones….

First and Foremost:

Drink responsibly at Halloween Horror Nights. A common complaint among average HHN guests is rowdy drunks being loud and just generally being nuisances to everyone around them. Some people even go as far as to deciding to never return to the event because of drunken people’s behavior.



This doesn’t mean don’t drink at all, but it’s important to know your limits. You will find that the behaviors discussed here can be controlled by limiting alcohol consumption to reasonable amounts.

Interacting with Scareactors


When walking in scarezones, it is important to behave properly amongst the scareactors. Some may say the below guidelines are all common sense, but unfortunately, we often see people act disrespectfully on Universal’s streets.

  • Do not chase scareactors

    Not only is this dangerous to basically everyone, but can be seen as threatening.

  • Do not remove a scareactor’s mask

    This is assault and battery, and it will get you familiar with the nearby Orlando Police officers on duty very quickly.

  • Do not try to scare the actors

    Sneaking around the actors and trying to frighten them is not only annoying to the actors, but it’s dangerous to the other guests and could even cause a scene between you and the actor.


  • Do not grope, molest, or otherwise touch the actors.

    Although this was said in the previous installment, it should be reiterated. Last year there were a couple actors that quit working the event because they were molested or fondled while on the job. Most notable were two actresses, one who played Carrie and another that portrayed a Camp Crystal Lake counselor in their scarezone, Hollywood Die-In.

  • Do not use profanity if an actor refuses a photo

    Not all HHN scareactor coordinators allow their actors to take photos. Some actors even would rather take photos with guests, but it’s not always up to them. Don’t take it personal and verbally harass them.



  • Do not ask an actor to touch you for a photo

    Some inebriated guests request that the actors grab their private parts for photos. This is over the line and is not tolerated.

Conduct while Queued


Lines at horror nights can get quite lengthy, and it’s understandable to get anxious. As mentioned in our guide for first time visitors, posted earlier this year (read it here), you may choose to play a game on your smartphone with your party such as “Heads Up” to help pass the time. HHN released an official trivia game last year that quizzed players on HHN history and lore, and they could even compete against other players, and was available in the App Store or Google Play and advertised on the park maps. On occasion though, we see people get quite rowdy while waiting in line, causing a disturbance to those around them. For those that find themselves getting impatient while waiting in long lines, keep in mind the following:



  • Do not snap at the staff and house attendants

    The employees assigned to sweep cigarette butts, pick up cups and trash, and oversee the queue organization are there to help the event run smoothly. If they request that you don’t sit on the ropes, or to not smoke in line, please do not yell, be couteous and respect park rules.


  • Stay in line

    It is important that you stay in line for the entire wait duration. Although the houses with the longest lines may have porta-pottys, it is highly advisable to go the bathroom before getting in line for any house. Even if you left the line to go to the bathroom and are coming back to join your party, it can easily be seen as skipping the line.

  • Do not sing or chant loudly

    It may be fun for you and your friends, but not everyone wants to hear it.

Why this matters

Not only does this etiquette lesson concern the scareactors, but this time around it concerns your fellow guests at the event.


There are other people around you, and they want to have as much fun as you. Don’t ruin it for them by acting like a rowdy, loud, obnoxious individual that can’t control themselves. Let’s make HHN26 a blast for all and behave yourselves out there!