HUGE Dedicated HHN Store Returns for #HHN26

That’s right folks, a dedicated HHN store will return for Halloween Horror Nights this year.  Introduced last year in the former Aftermath store inside the Twister attraction, the store was an immediate hit, selling out of many of its lines.


The house which served as part museum of props from past HHNs to specialist store selling all manner of HHN goods, was popular with fans of the event and the general pubic alike.   It sold general HHN merch such as hoodies, tees and shot glasses but mixed it up with the sale of props and limited edition items.


So what’s happening this year I hear you cry?  Well, HHN is going bigger and better than ever before!  Could you expect any less from them?


The new store will be located here inside the Macy’s Store.  Which has had a number of different uses over the years…

Photo courtesy of IOAExplorer

The store was originally used to house the The Screen Test Home Video Adventure which would take willing park guests and transform them into their own episode of Star Trek, featuring all the classic Trek actors.  In 1996 it was replaced by The Islands of Adventure Preview Center.  

This now empty space will be transformed into another amazing entry into HHN lore, again will feature a wide selection of props and sets whilst selling what is rumored to be the biggest ever selection of HHN merchandise. 

Expect props, one of a kind pieces, limited edition items, lithographs, posters; plus the usual t-shirts, shot glasses, hoodies, vinyls, masks, cups, mugs etc.



Are you excited for the new store?  Will you be buying lots of new merchandise?  Do you collect the tees?  Let us know in the comments!