Scarezones receive artwork +Construction begins!

Just a bit of an update for you guys…..

Scarezones Get Their Banners and Locations

Along with slight name changes, the scarezones now have their banners that will be used in the maps as well as other printed media. Along with that, we have a pretty solid idea of where the scarezones will be located. Check them out below!

Survive or Die: Apocalyspe, located in the large Manhattan area (surrounding Mummy ride)

Name change: Subtitle “Apocalypse” added

Lair of the Banshees, located in Central Park (forested area by Animal Actor’s stage)

Name change: Banshee’s Lair -> Lair of the Banshees

Dead Man’s Wharf, in San Francisco Area (former location of “Disaster”)


Vamp ’55, located on Hollywood Boulevard (Terminator 2 3D)

Slight name change: Vamp 1955 -> Vamp ’55

Chance In Hell, between Shrek and Minion Mayhem.


Scarezone Construction has Officially Begun

Besides the stage that is still currently going up for the Academy of Villians: House of Fear show, scarezone pieces are beginning to pop up in the Manhattan area for the “Survive or Die: Apocalyspe” zone, including these tunnels that guests will walk through:

The rest of the constructs that are coming up we cannot determine beyond any doubts what they could be used for at this time. We can speculate, though, that these may end up becoming watch towers of sorts, used by survivors of the apocalyspe to watch over their makeshift town for unwanted intruders and guard their oxygen machine.

Tomorrow, August 17th, marks 30 days until HHN26 kicks off, and things are really going to begin to speed up. Stick with us at HHN Unofficial for further updates!