Legendary Truth+Testing Phase=Repository?

Everybody has been asking lately, “Is the repository going to be good? What’s it all about? What am I to expect?!” The answers may lie in its not so published origins….

The truth is Legendary

In the months leading up to Halloween Horror Nights 18, the paranormal research group “LegendaryTruth: The Collective” was first introduced as a website on the internet in 2008 that would give visitors clues into the backstory of that year’s icon; Bloody Mary. Part of it’s name, “The Collective,” refers to how its members join into it’s scavenger hunt type games both online and in the parks.

The page grew many fans that would play it’s top secret games during the events and really enjoy how immersive it all was for years to come. The events were rarely published about and hardly anyone other than members of the website knew much about it.

After 2 years of this page growing, it even got a haunted house named after it HHN 20, “Legendary Truth: The Wyandot Estate.”


The house was about a ghost hunting troop named “The Spirit Seekers,” that decided to investigate one particularly haunted house. The haunted house used new state of the art scares at its time to terrify visitors with ghosts, giving them the true definition of “haunted” house.

All this legendary truth material lead up to the testing of a new haunted house element: the inclusion of virtual reality headsets. The Legendary Truth’s crowning moment is when it gathered a number of its most loyal fans and invited them to an event they would never forget……

The birth of “The Repository”

This aforementioned event resulted in the selected participants being invited to a laboratory of sorts as the end of last year’s HHN 25. The laboratory was the last of a few rendezvous points throughout the night, one of them including the set of the Horror Make Up Show.

They were told by a man in a lab coat that they had a new invention, a “dark portal” that could transport them to other worlds when they stepped into it. He briefed them on how to use the equipment, and then the guests were shown a hologram of Calvin Thorncastle of The Legendary Truth Headquarters


When the selected guinea pigs were finally instructed to enter the dark portal themselves, that’s when the virtual reality test phase came into play. They were told to adorn an extreme form of safety goggles, which of course turned out to be virtual reality head sets. The “dark portal,” or virtual reality experience, was an event that many of its participants considered to be the most terrifying experiences they have ever endured.

The virtual reality world itself was that of a dark, creepy mansion, where you were tasked with finding clues to solve a mystery of sorts with a flashlight. The scares of it all came into play by means of demons reminiscent of Weeping Angels from the popular “Doctor Who” series. These weeping angel type characters have also appeared in various haunted houses at Halloween Horror Nights throughout the years.

These dark specter type characters only move when your back is turned and creep up on you when you are most concentrated on the assignments you have been given and searching for hard to find clues. Much like Slenderman in the popular horror game, once you turn to move elsewhere, BAM there they were right in your face behind you the whole time. The whole scavenger hunt, mystery solving experience took over an hour.


The positive response in regards to how horrifying it was to everyone who tried it out that night have resulted in what we now know as the up-charged HHN experience “The Repository.” Although it may be tweaked, it could very well go down in very much the same way as the “legendary” secret test did last year.

Hopefully this bit of information, once held in more closed off corners, has helped shed light on what to expect with this year’s special, seperately ticketed haunted virtual reality experience that is being offered this year at Halloween Horror Nights 26. Do you think you will stand a Chance?