FX Posts Walkthrough of Hollywood AHS house on SnapChat!

FX Network is quickly rolling out hype for the premiere of the 6th season of American Horror Story Premiering tonight at 10PM. One of the things they have done to boost viewer excitement for AHS was posting walkthroughs of the haunted house in Hollywood. Let’s take a look…

Snappers, grab the Snapcode and Watch NOW!

As you may know, snapchat stories expire in 24 hours. Their snaps were posted this morning during the 1AM hour, and will expire in about 16 hours from this piece posting.


These snaps are an excellent opportunity to get plenty of first looks on what to expect in the houses on both coasts. Though do keep in mind, Hollywood houses tend to have larger corridors and less actors.

Don’t have SnapChat? Keep Reading….SPOILERS AHEAD!!

The snaps go through the house and show that it goes in sections based on the three seasons. The seasons do not mix with each other, but rather have seperate entrances as the house progresses. The house starts with the “Murder House” season, where you encounter the rubber man, the burnt man Larry Harvey, and various forms of the fan favorite character “Tate.”

A noteworthy scene from the show when a man repeats “Here piggy, pig, pig” into his bathroom mirror has also made its way into the “Murder House” section of the maze.

Guests also step into the basement and come face to face with the Doctor of Death himself, Dr. Montgomery, the season’s character based around the “Black Dahlia” murders of infamous American history.


You next step into the world of the “Freak Show” season by first entering a forested area with the sounds of crickets and a sign pointing you to the show.


But before you make it to the entrance of the tent, you encounter Twisty the Clown, both with and without his mask conceiling his gruesome missing bottom jaw.

You may notice that the actor is actually wearing a full mask, rather than make up and the jaw piece. We are hoping that Orlando goes the extra step and has this infamous clown in his true form, with actors wearing make up on their face and the jaw piece covering the bottom half of their face. We will see.


Moving on past the tent’s entrance, you encounter many other characters from the show, including the two faced Edward Mordrake and traveling salesman/magician Chester Creb.


Once you pass the horrors of the Freak Show season, with a few more Twisty clowns along the way, including his school bus (not included in the snapchats) you wander into the haunted corridors of the show’s 5th season, “Hotel

You encounter many of its main characters along the way, including the Countess, who lurks in darker corners of the maze, and the mattress demons.


Truth be told, they didn’t show much of the Hotel season content in the house, but they likely left out the best scenes in the entire maze for guests to see for themselves. Why ruin the best scares?

How do you think the haunted house looks? What are you most looking forward to seeing in this maze? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to watch the snaps for yourself before they expire!