Hurricanes and HHN

An impending doom is leering its windy spiral towards Florida, and everyone is shaking in their boots about it. Hurricanes have a long history with Florida, some devastating, and some no worse than your annoying brother blowing on you to irritate you. Currently, a cowlick named “Matthew” is on it’s way to do some sightseeing of it’s own in Florida, but what does this mean for Horror Nights this coming Thursday and Friday night…..

Horror Nights Event Cancellations

Universal Orlando is very aware of the looming threat hurricane season poses on HHN, and they do what they can as precaution, like hurricane tents staked to the ground designed to withstand high winds, but they have no control over the weather. Horror Nights Orlando has cancelled once in its lifespan during “Tales of Terror” in 2005 for hurricane Wilma. Guests were allowed to use their tickets for another night of their choosing.


When it comes to UO making the decision to cancel a night of Horror Nights, they make this decision on the day of to make absolutely sure the weather will indeed be bad enough to make for a bad experience. This would mean if horror nights is going to cancel due to hurricane Matthew, we will know tomorrow (10/6) up to two hours before the event begins (4PM). The horror nights website currently states that the hours remain the same with no changes.

This is what the official webpage currently reads with a special announcement over the top

Last Saturday’s Severe Rainstorm (10/1) and its Effects


Last Saturday, Orlando saw a crazy thunderstorm with torrential downpours and a decent amount of flooding. The flooding effected the 3 haunted houses contained in tents; Texas Chainsaw, Tomb of the Ancients, and Lunatics Playground. All three of these houses closed because of this. The queues of these houses flooded to above guest’s ankles, and Texas Chainsaw and Tomb of the Ancients also saw floods in their interiors, which Playground did not get because it is elevated. Teams were working diligently the morning after to redecorate the houses sets and interiors to prepare for the night.

During last weekend’s thunderstorm. On the bright side, the lines were very very short!

If horror nights remains open tomorrow and/or Friday, we may end up seeing this happen again to the sprung tent houses. Don’t worry about the houses flying away though, as they are anchored to the ground and rated for hurricane strengths winds.

If horror nights does not cancel its event this Thursday or Friday, we may see periodic closing of these houses and more, but we definitely will not see actors in the scarezones during rains and winds. If you plan on attending on these nights, don’t count on seeing any activity in the streets. Wear sandals without socks, clothes that are comfortable when wet, and definitely bring an umbrella or poncho. One thing is for sure, though, the event will be very empty and the lines will be pleasantly short.

Check back with us here at HHNU answer our Facebook page for updates on the event this weekend and whether any nights have been cancelled.


This morning, team members and scareactors were informed that they will not no working tonight or tomorrow night due to the weather. Shortly after, Universal Orlando officially informed the public with this post on Facebook and Twitter:


That’s right, unfortunately two nights have been cancelled. Now we must wonder if they will add two additional nights to this year’s event calendar or not, or whether any Saturday event nights will be validated for Frequent Fear passes to make up for the lost opportunities to visit.

UPDATE 10/12

We are receiving rumors in our inbox that Universal Orlando HHN will be additional two additional night to their event calendar; November 4th and 5th, to make up for the cancelled nights. Stay tuned with us for here and our Facebook page for confirmation!


Photos by Cara Brown Disbrow