Unofficial: HHN to Extend. Where’s our confirmation!?

A rumor is flying around that HHN will extend its event to add two dates to its calendar to make up for the Hurricane Matthew cancellations of October 6th and 7th….

Our Inbox is Flooding!

The rumor of event extension has been around since Wednesday October 12th. Since that night, a large handful of HHN event staff and HHNU readers alike have been chiming in to confirm that additional dates are being posted on their bulletin boards, requesting performers and staff to sign up to work additional nights. There is no photographic proof of this, though, as photographs of these bulletin boards are strictly prohibited.

Whether it is true remains to be seen, but it seems we may be very close to receiving some kind of confirmation from UO that HHN26 will be extending into the first week of November, specifically November 4th and 5th.

So Where’s the Official Confirmation From UO?!

From what it seems, Universal Orlando may be waiting for enough event staff and performers to sign up for these additional nights to make additional dates a possibility. You have to keep in mind that Halloween Horror Nights depends on its performers and staff team to make each night possible.


It takes a lot of people to make a haunted house or scarezone operate properly

A night of HHN with half the performers and staff would make for a bad experience and awkward haunted house walkthroughs with actors missing everywhere, not to mention empty looking scarezones.

Why Universal is Considering Extending

This year was the first year for the “Ultimate Frequent Fear Pass” which is a pass that included all 30 nights of the event. When those two nights were cancelled, holders of this Pass missed out on two nights. When UO took the initiative to validate all Frequent Fear passes for that following Saturday, even the ones that don’t permit Saturday entrances, Ultimate Fear Passholders had a field trip and began complaining to guest services left and right, claiming “where’s our compensation?” and the like. Universal Orlando does a very good job at listening to the gripings of their guests and could be initiating this extension as the best way to answer to these complaints

Although a number of the team aren’t Orlando locals and have homes to return to after the 31st, a larger amount of them do indeed live here and wouldn’t mind signing up for these extra dates and getting their 29th and 30th night of scares.

For Now, The Waiting Must Continue

Until enough staff sign up for the additional dates, this will remain as a rumor. We have our fingers crossed as much as you guys do that they become official and are announced by Universal Orlando over all platforms of social media and on the official Halloween Horrror Nights website.

For now though, we are eagerly waiting and hoping it’s true. The anticipation and suspense is truly killing us as we eagerly await to tell you guys it’s for real! Until then, keep your eyes peeled here and on our Facebook page, as we are ready for the announcement the minute it comes.