Unmasking the Horror Tour; Our Form of Easter

An Easter tradition for kids around the world (and some adults) is hunting for Easter eggs, but there’s another kind of Easter Egg that we are much more interested in, and they are hidden inside HHN haunted houses….

An HHN Die Hard’s Paradise

Some writers on our page have been on the Unmasking the Horror Tour before, and they know that it’s the definitive way to see all that Halloween Horror Nights has to offer. The Unmasking the Horror Tour, for those who don’t know, is a separately ticketed tour offered by the VIP department of Universal Orlando that takes guests into the HHN haunted houses during the day with the lights on and no scareactors.

The tour guides provide fantastic insights into the creation of the houses, how the special effects work, and point out special things hidden inside the houses (Easter Eggs), that you otherwise would not see during a typical walkthrough of the haunt during normal event operation.

What’s an Easter Egg Anyway?

In terms of Halloween Horror Nights, an Easter Egg is essentially a hidden object that nods to either a previous house at HHN, or a television show or movie. Some great examples of past Easter Eggs have been baby Jack and Eddie inside a dungeon cell in Body Collectors: Recollections, beer bottles branded as 20 Penny Circus Malt (named after a specialty act that used to perform in early Horror Nights years) and a dead body wearing a Woody the Woodpecker shirt in American Werewolf in London, a music box that played the theme to the movie “The Godfather” when opened in Asylum in Wonderland 3D, Jack hiding in the rafters in Cabin tin the Woods, or even a photograph of Mike Aiello in Resident Evil.

HHN26 Hidden Gems

We’re not going to tell you every single Easter Egg that’s hidden this year, but we can tell you there’s a great deal of them in every house. A great example of a large amount of them are in just the first scene of this year’s “Tomb of the Ancients.” There are so many things hidden in just this first scene alone. From references to the Legendary Truth on the sign out front, to the Usher’s flashlight, art and design really had a field day with this one! Check out the photos and find out what all is hidden below!

As you can see in the photos, they have hidden Indiana Jones’ hat as well as the ancient relic he steals from the first film, the Usher’s flashlight, a large baby doll face from HHN24’s Dollhouse of the Damned, a lantern from the Insidious house, and if you read the last sentence of the sign out front, “L.T.” stands for Legendary Truth, which is a fictional investigation team of HHN lore. Just this one room alone gives you an idea of how many hidden Easter Eggs have been placed in the houses this year at HHN26.

There is also a photo of the former HHN icon “The Storyteller” inside this year’s Ghost Town: The Curse of Lightning Gulch. Have you noticed it?

Other Benefits of the UTH Tours

Other than finding all the awesome hidden references to other movies, shows, and past horror nights houses, the tour also provides great fun facts about the movies the houses represent, and insight into the making of the houses themselves. Seeing the houses with the lights on and no scares is likely awesome enough for some, though. You are able to roam the house at relatively your own pace, so long as you don’t stray too far away from the tour guide and group. Unlike event nights during operation, you aren’t rushed through the house and you really get the time to appreciate every detail in every nook and cranny. We highly reccomend the Unmasking the Horror Tour to basically everyone, young and old, no matter how into Horror Nights they are. But, if you consider yourself a die hard HHN fan, this is something you absolutely do not want to miss out on!

Experience the Tour for Yourself!

Tours are still available for this year’s Horror Nights while supplies last but bear in mind, those intending to take part, there is a photo ban that applies to all intellectual property houses seen during the tour. In our humble opinion, this does not take away from the worth of the tour, as you are still seeing the houses in a way in which you wouldn’t possibly be able to see otherwise and get loads of fanatic facts and trivia from your tour guide.

The tours come in three different packages: Morning, afternoon, or combination. If you choose to go only on a morning or afternoon tour, you will be guided through three houses in a 3-4 hour tour. The combination is both the morning and afternoon tour with a lunch break in the middle that takes about 6 hours including lunch. Combination tour guests will see 6 and a half houses, the half being the first two or last two scenes of an additional house, depending on which houses aren’t being worked on that day. This additional 7th house is ONLY available to guests taking the combination tour.

To book your tour, click here!