Worldwide HHNs To Come Together For The First Time

For the first time EVER Universal will present Halloween Horror Nights: Gory, Grotesque and Global at TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions Show. The event today emailed subscribers and ticket holders the following info:

On Thursday, March 23rd, TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions Show will present the twisted minds behind Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. Hollywood, Japan, Singapore and Orlando will each be represented in what is an unprecedented gathering of all four creative teams discussing the one thing they love the most, creating “living horror films” for fans all over the world!

HHN breaks attendance records year after year by completely redesigning show elements, expanding entertainment offerings and combining time honored haunt techniques with state-of-the-art technologies. Universal’s careful blending of blockbuster horror movies, hit TV shows and top gaming titles with original haunted house/street themes, brings exciting Halloween content in ways that only the studio that created the horror film genre can provide.

Halloween Horror Nights: Gory, Grotesque and Global promises to be entertaining, informative and an inspirational opportunity to meet the creative executives responsible for bringing Universal’s award winning and uniquely twisted eye on Halloween to audiences around the world.

The fact is that this is the first time that such an event has occurred where the four corners of HHN globally have come together to discuss their individual events.

Discussing each respective event and how they differ globally will be fascinating.  Seeing the various designers comparing and contrasting how the scares are built and how the IPs are managed will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The question that HHNU has is that whether this is the only reason they are all meeting?  Could they in fact be announcing a massive IP that they’ve never individually tackled before and could be appearing across each event?  If so, what a great idea… but calm down that is just pure speculation on our part!

Murdy also tweeted this earlier:


So whatever they have cooked up, it appears to be big!  HHN’s reputation to continually keep upping their game appears to be continuing!

For more information please visit their official site here.

A big thank you to Ms. Alana Rae in her assistance with writing this article.