MIB House Exterior Construction Completed

The new MIB house location has been re-erected next to the MIB attraction. The construction of just the outside is now complete.  This includes the electrical fit-out providing power to the new unit. Following sign-off by the City of Orlando officials will allow Universal’s contractors to start to fit out the passage ways and rooms of this house.

Shortly after this the scenic pieces will be added along with the AV installations. Come the summer the building will be awash with technicians, producers and contractors completing all the final finishes.

So what’s going in here?

We’ve heard that this house is likely to be another 3D house. This tip-off has come from the amount of power being installed in the building.  Additional power placed in a building would normally mean that USF plans to have lots of lighting effects that need powering.  Plus, this house was also a 3D house from last year, so the layout and fixings would be very similar to the previous year.

Love or loath 3D houses, they’re likely here to stay!

Photo credit: Geeknotice