An Old Rumor Returns

Here at HHNU we get a whole bag of news, reports and rumors which we like to sift through and present to our readers to ensure what we publish is interesting, thoughtful, and insightful.  We also like to ensure that when dealing with rumors we at least find and present things that are from good or reliable sources, that’s why what we have today is from a reliable source who has a track record of delivering quality intell.

He wants to remain anonymous for this item but you can rest assured what he’s saying is firmly within the ‘Jim Hill‘ style of rumor that it is to say, it is early in the process and things could change. That’s why with bated breath we wanted to tell you about what he told us, knowing full well that some of you are not going to be happy about this…

The Walking Dead

Our guy on the inside believes he has seen early concept plans to bring the popular zombie show to Universal Orlando in exactly the same way that Universal Hollywood has done, with a full-time walk through attraction for both day and HHN guests.

When this rumor was first talked up in March 2016 many locations were muted, these included Men In Black, parts of KidZone and the Terminator.  It is the latter that our contact has witnessed early concept designs for.


Have you noticed that inside the Terminator it’s perhaps not at its best?  The projection and effects are not what they were and the motorcycle seems to have disappeared.  Well accordingly to our guy, its not unintentional, it appears from what he has seen the ride is having less maintenance and upkeep spent on it since its light refresh a few years ago.  All of which stems from last year’s “will they or won’t they”, a process of limbo which seems to reflect in what our guy is saying about it’s soon to be gone status.

Future Proofing

It appears that the whole area is deemed to be more or less on the construction schedule at some point.  Whether that schedule is during the Nintendo construction (which is rumored to commence in November 2017) or sooner, we’re unsure.

It hasn’t escaped anyone’s attention that Shrek is soon to be no more at Hollywood, this combined with the Terminator could lead for a larger more long-term project, a project that ultimately would need to be done after the Nintendo additions, that however would not fix the short term issues that right now exist in this area.

That’s why a cost effective refurbishment of Terminator into a Walking Dead attraction, using the tools and vendors they regularly use for HHN could be a quick and productive short-term upgrade to the area that could give the area some much needed spark.

Transformers when it was dropped into Orlando, it was already present in two other Universal parks, so the vendors and blueprints were already costed and tried.  That’s why with Hollywood’s TWD addition last year, it could be reproduced very swiftly and cost-effectively in Orlando.

Right now, it’s rumored to be firmly on the table.  Would we like to see this addition finally happen?  Well if it’s anything like the Hollywood version, then hell yes!


Lets just hope it comes to Orlando in this form instead of another HHN house, but that’s just my opinion.  What’s yours?  Let us know in the comments!