The Mummy, The Dark Universe, and You!

Being a Universal Studios annual passholder has its merits, including exclusive screenings of new movies before they’re released in theaters everywhere. HHNU team members Scott and Christine got the privilege of seeing the new Mummy movie last night, and it was a doozy!

The idea here with this piece today isn’t exactly to review the movie or spoil it in any way, but more over, to tell you what it means for the future of Universal movies and their possible involvement at Halloween Horror Nights.

As we have told you a bit back, Universal Studios announced it’s new film franchise “The Dark Universe,” and The Mummy is the first in the line up. The movie industry in its current state is constantly throwing out drab, predictable, formulaic cash cows with the likes of numerous Marvel and D.C. universe movies that mainly provide 90 minutes of explosions and nothing to write home about. The Dark Universe, however, sets out to cut through this bland trend sweeping the nation by revamping its classic monsters with new, original and incredibly fresh takes on them.


Without saying much regarding plot, “The Mummy” was an exciting, funny, and scary new take on the classic tale that breathed new life into Universal’s original creature feature that started it all. The film is packed with stunning horror visuals, action that’s never too over the top, surprising wit, and a plot that holds up and keeps you entertained and involved. In a landscape full of one note films that go together in a “universe,” this first installment of the Dark Universe series gives us incredible hope for the next, and we can’t wait to see it. Within the film itself lies a couple Easter eggs of other classic Universal monsters, cluing us into the movies to come; The Creature From the Black Lagoon, Dracula, and Frankenstein, to name a few. But blink and you’ll miss them. The film even paid homage to the original Mummy series starring Brendan Fraser, which by the way, this new movie has nothing to do with (I did say it was fresh, didn’t I?)

But I know what our readers want to know; will we see any of the Dark Universe series at HHN? The short answer; likely. Though it’s hard to tell with The Mummy, as it doesn’t rely solely on scares and horror, but the tone and atmosphere of this movie tells us that the other movies could very well be scarier and considered members of the horror genre. Although The Mummy didn’t scream “house material” to us, upcoming Dark Universe monster flicks such as Dracula or Creature From The Black Lagoon could very well provide the scares and scenes that would lend themselves into haunted house attractions. We all know HHN has hosted the classic Universal monsters before, so we can’t rule out the possibility of bringing to life their new takes on the films that made them what they are today.

In summary, reader, we urge you to go see The Mummy (in IMAX 3D if possible), in theaters June 9th, even if you have doubts about it. It was a surprisingly fantastic thrill, and an astounding start to the series of movies to come. Just so you know, though, unfortunately nothing happens after the credits to clue us into what monster is coming next, so we will just have to wait for a teaser in the coming year.


Do you plan on seeing The Mummy? Which Universal classic monster do you want to see brought to life at horror nights? Let us know in the comments!