The date of the next HHN update will be…

We think that we MAY have cracked the answer to everyone’s question.  We get people message us daily on this question.  It is an important question.  And one that Universal only knows for sure, however, we think we have an answer to it.  That question being:

“When will the next HHN update be?”

This tip comes from our pal known only as ‘The Web Master‘ who is also a website code extraordinaire.  So here goes…

“I been trying to see if Orlando was using any patterns when it came to releasing their announcements. The big thing I see is that they have been announcing on Wednesdays. March 29th, May 17th and June 7th. Looking deep in the code, before each entry we had an update the week before of data, that update happened this week as planned.  So, hopefully we get another HHN update this coming Wednesday June 28th.”

Also, the UK tickets went on sale on 3rd May which was a Wednesday, all tickets went on sale on the 7th June – a Wednesday AND the first code name (Checkmate) was leaked on Twitter by Mike Aiello on 25th January on, yes you guessed it, a Wednesday!

This can only lead us to one conclusion:


The icon must be Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family…..not.  BUT this is also not as far fetched as you may think…

Photo courtesy of Emmanuel Garcia via FB’s ‎Halloween Horror Nights Group

A family of icons?  A family of icons with a young girl at their center?  Say like The Caretaker and his daughter Cindy…. who was kinda based on Wednesday Addams!  Perhaps we’ll find our this Wednesday!!!

So what do you think?  Are we on to something with all these Wednesdays?  Or just a coincidence?  Let us know in the comments!