My RIP Tour Experience

Last year I decided to look like a big shot and got RIP Tour tickets for my family. All I have to say is this experience is worth every dollar!

The first thing you do is pick-up your tickets at the VIP Lounge in front of Universal Studios. We waited about fifteen minutes inline to get your tickets and were then told to meet at Cafe La Bamba at a certain time. The fifteen minutes we waited for our tickets were the longest we had to wait for anything that night.



Inside Cafe Labamba we were walked to a table with all our tour members. They usually have you enter the cafe thirty minutes before you tour,so that you can enjoy the all you can eat buffet. The buffet included meal,dessert and non-alcoholic drinks. They do have a cash bar across from the tables, so you can drink alcohol. Here is a tip I discovered last year Universal will allow you bring in soda bottles with their tops on in the haunted houses, so grab another one of the free sodas before leaving the cafe.

While you are eating at the tables and meeting your tour members scare actors walk around and allow you to take photo with them. This was a nice touch. After twenty minutes or so your tour guide approaches the table and introduces themselves. The tour guide does a head count and lets you know where to meet up outside Cafe Labamba.

Once, all the tour members meet up outside your guide gives you an overview of the event and it’s houses. Next, the guide shows you their light-up wand to show you the group color and reminds you of your groups code name. This comes in handy after you have had a few to drink.


From there the guide walks you to the head of every house’s line. They check in with an Universal employee who checks how the house is flowing people in and out of it. Next, the tour guide gives an overview of the house you are about to enter. This can be entertaining if your tour guide is an want to be actor. This usually only takes about five minutes and boom you are in the house. This process then repeats throughout the night.

The final bonuses of the tour is that you get VIP seating for The Bill and Ted Show. The tour also makes two stops at cash bars, so you can relax and be social with your tour members. Finally, the tour gives you a jump to the head of the line on one the open rides. This ride is chosen by your tour guide, but don’t worry if the tour guide select a ride that is not your favorite one. Once, the tour ends your tickets then count as Express Passes for all open rides at Universal Studios.

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