The Top Five Houses I Would Love To See At An HHN

1. The Return of the Living Dead

This is one of my favorite horror films and it has so much material that could be used for a house. The movie is an incredible mixture of horror, fast paced action and humor. All they would have to do to make me happy with this one is give us the scene with goo zombie in the basement.

2. Fright Night

For this house I only want the 1984 classic, because the remake was a hot mess. I like my vampires to be gentlemen with sense of style and suave personality. The only that sparkles on these vampires is the diamond in their pinky ring.

3. Suspiria in 3D

This house screams to be 3D experience. I want all the beautiful colors and amazing visuals from the film. Not to mention how trippy it would be to walk through the house’s halls hearing the theme song by Goblin playing overhead.

4. The Howling or Dog Soldiers

I’m a huge werewolf movie fan, so either one of these films as a house would make me happy. It’s easy to make this one a winner. Just gives us seven foot petrifying werewolves attacking us in the tight confines of a house or cottage.

5. Eraserhead

Anything one who has seen this sci-fi classic knows how dark and creepy the visuals are. Give me a house with the creepy visuals and ambient sounds coming at you from nowhere and this one could be the cause of many a nightmare.

Which of these houses would you like to see at HHN?  And which houses would you love to see!  Let us know in the comments!