The Shining: Look-a-Likes or Masks?

The Shining. Talk about an icon movie. Everybody knows what Jack Torrance looks like. Without Jack Torrance there is no film, or even book for that matter. Seeing as he’s such a recognizable horror character, it begs the question: Will Universal Studios cast Jack Nicholson look-a-likes, or have their scareactors don hyper-realistic masks? The Orlando event is specifically in question here, as Hollywood for the most part always uses masks for highly recognizable characters (last year, Hollywood used masks for both Regan and the priests in the Exorcist, as well as Twisty The Clown. They admittedly weren’t too great, either! Check them out below)

Orlando used actor’s actual faces for these same characters, making for a much more realistic and immersive experience, not to mention the Hollywood masks were laughable if we’re being honest.
The Modern World of Mask Fabrication

Mask making has made huge advances in recent years. So much so that the average joe can buy hyper-realistic masks online, so long as they have the monetary means, such as Immortal Masks.

And who can forget those amazing masks of Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, and Donald Trump that trended on the internet after their appearance at a convention?!

Hyper-realistic masks of Jack Torrance have already been made previously, certainly Universal Studios can contact the manufacturer and get their hands on a decent sized lot of them.


Why Does This Matter?

There’s some picky people out there, and little things can seriously irk them, even downright piss them off if it bothers them enough. The Shining being such an iconic horror film with many calling it a classic, a little slip up like dudes who look nothing like Jack Nicholson could really put a dent in the experience and immersion of the haunted attraction. Universal does indeed have a track record for finding and casting great celebrity look a likes in the past, but there’s a possibility to have to cast up to 15 Jack Torrance actors per coast. That’s quite a few, definitely room for error. Granted, with strategic lighting you can make someone look like someone else, but one will notice The Shining is a pretty brightly lit movie throughout. Of course, we can’t do much but wait until opening night to find out what they’re going to do.

Would you rather see look-a-like actors or super realistic masks in The Shining haunted house? Let us know in the comments!