Horror Nights Fan from the Moment I Entered the Gates.

Growing up in Georgia I was always aware of Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, but never had an opportunity to attend the event until HHN 25.  My experience at that year’s event was so incredible that I instantly became a fan determined to attend every HHN to follow.

Once I entered Universal’s gates I was encompassed in everything that was the Carnival of Carnage. For being chased around by chainsaw wielding maniacs and steampunk versions of Disney characters to hearing the constant background noises of Jack’s maniacal laughter.

The first house I entered was Jack Presents 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem. It is almost impossible to explain in words the sheer bliss I experienced in this house.  This house was an incredible hodgepodge of classic horror films.  Each film’s scene was replicated to the minute detail. It was literally like I was in the movies.

Next, I moved on the house that brought me to the event Freddy vs. Jason.  Growing up in the 1980’s Freddy and Jason were two of the three major horror icons.  Walking from room to room, I revived  movie memories from my childhood.  This house showed how truly heart-stopping it would be to have Jason Voorhees hunt you down.  The scare actors dressed as Jason were unbelievably massive and needless to say menacing.  Now for the main man Krueger, the originator of my nightmares. The Freddy actors were so realistic with their movements and strikes that you thought that they were going to abduct people to the boiler room.

Finally, the house that stole the show for me was Insidious. I have to admit the films did not scary me to say the least, so I had low expectations going into this house. However, Universal did such a great job with this house that it seemed as you were truly wandering through the further. The dark atmosphere and creepy background music surrounded you making it feel as everyone in the house was a prisoner in this spirit world with no hope of escape.