Universal’s Code Pointing to No Icon and One More IP

It is common knowledge that Universal announced Ash vs. Evil Dead last Thursday, but what you might not have realized is that they commented out the code pointing to the soul collector picture. This may unfortunately mean that rumors are true and HHN 27 will not have an icon, which is a real bummer.

Upon further probing of Universal’s code I was able to find the script they are using to call video clips. That code is provided below:

var vid;

//for autoplay, default is TO AUTO PLAY
ap = typeof ap !== ‘undefined’ ? ap : 1;

case 1:
vid = “JO3bMivablE”; // AHS
case 2:
vid = “e3s6hfAVrYE”; // TS
case 3:
vid = “yiXQszZlg-U”; // SC
case 4:
vid = “6xVMENghE-U”; // AvED
case 5:
vid = “JO3bMivablE”; // TBD
vid = “JO3bMivablE”; // AHS


For those you that do not know how to read source code the // represents a segment of code where the programmer is leaving a comment for future reference. The // makes the text after it on that line rendered as a comment and will not be seen on the visual display of the website that the user sees. Since, the commented lines of code will not be seen by the users programmers tend to use this on old lines of code that are no longer needed, which is referred to as commenting out a line of code. An example of commenting out code was given previous in this article referring to the soul collector picture. Just for complete clarification there are three ways to comment out lines of code: 1)) \\ This comments out one line of code, 2) this allows the programmer to comment out multiple lines and 3)/* */ which also knocks out multiple lines.

Now that everyone understands how to program a comment on a website lets break down what Universal’s code is saying. First, there is case 1 with it’s comment of AHS which stands for American Horror Story. Next, we see TS for The Shining. Then we see case 3 with the comment of SC, which stands for Soul Collector. Case 4 has a comment of AvED, so this clearly means Ash vs. Evil Dead. Finally, case 5 has TBD, which stands for To Be Determined. This means that Universal have one more IP that remains unnamed. This final IP could be either Saw or Blumhouse, both of which have been rumored to be at the event. Hopefully, Universal will answer this final question on August 3rd at 10:00 A.M. when their counter hits zero.

So what do you think, no icon and one more IP?  How do you feel about this?  Let us know!