Universal Cancels Bill & Ted Show After HHN27

It was confirmed today that this year’s Bill and Ted Show will be HHN’s last.  After 25 (26 including this year) the show is to be axed with one final ‘Farewell Tour’.

Jason Horne of Universal wrote:

After 26 years of Excellent Halloween Adventures, these pop-culture icons are bringing their Farewell Tour to Halloween Horror Nights. Party on as the phone booth lands one more time at Universal Orlando.

Over the years, this show has morphed and shifted to fit with the changing tides of pop-culture. But at its heart, it has remained true to its nature. The Wyld Stallyns, from San Dimas—and their time-travelling phone booth—find themselves in the middle of pop-culture-parody chaos and must somehow save the world yet again.

But now the time has come for these most outstanding dudes to find adventure in other places and other times.

On a personal note, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of writing for and directing Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure for the past 7 years. It goes without saying that this show means a lot to me. Working on Bill and Ted’s has become one of the most enjoyable parts of my year—and they have meant a lot to so many people.

Since 1992, hundreds of talented individuals have worked on its production and numerous performers have graced its stage. It also means a lot to the fans. Wyld Stallyn fans are loyal, supportive and the central reason the boys have had so many adventures.

The “Farewell Tour” gives us the perfect opportunity to give Bill S. Preston, Esquire and Ted “Theodore” Logan a proper sendoff. This year’s show is everything you’d expect from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure. It’s relevant. It’s ridiculous. It’s irreverent. It’s edgy. And at the end of the day… it’s just a good time.

Whether the new digital age of instant content sharing, Nintendo Land expansion or the rumored remake of Bill and Ted in the works is to blame is anyone’s guess.  For now, we should look forward to 2017’s final run of shows – which this author can confirm are set to be the best yet with some fabulous surprises ahead!

Thanks for the memories dudes – party on.

Are you sad for B&T leaving HHN?  Let us know in the comments!