Opinion: Things I have added to my HHN wish list…

This weekend I attended Halloween Horror Nights 2018 and had an incredible time.  And I loved every moment of it!  Seeing the astonishing attendance numbers, I thought of a few things to add to the events that might help for the future…

Two shows

There needs to be a second show to cut down on the number of people in those lines. The Academy of Villains is an impressive show, but I do not see any reason to see it a second time.  I may just be getting to old, but I do not really care that someone got served.

I feel that the Chucky stage show this year proves Universal needs to invest in a second improvisation comedy show. This show needs to be comedy based to allow the audience to unwind from everything they have seen in the houses.  It would also help if the show had actors with improvisation skills, so that the audience could have a different experience every time.  Therefore, the audience has a reason to keep watching the show, and the lines are less crowded.

Critters House?

Not giving any spoilers away, but after seeing a certain scene in a house about B-Horror movies I now want a house based on the Intellectual Property (IP) known as, “Critters.”  While walking through the scene, I noticed that the animatronics looked just creatures from the movie. Universal has already created these props, so it would not cost them anything to reuse them. Come on and please make this happen Universal!  Afterall, they were made by the same team as the Killer Klowns movie…

Reverse the way Universal thinks about Icons

Unfortunately,  Universal is under the mindset that they no longer need icons and can loosely theme events around IPs.  After seeing the incredibly strong original houses Universal Orlando created this year, I would like to ask Universal to change their thinking about icons.   Universal’s creative team is so talented that they could make all houses original ideas and have a icon from an IP. This year they could have easily made Chucky the icon, since he already has a scarezone and semi-show. Another example, would have been to use Jigsaw as the icon at HHN 27.  This just makes perfect sense to me, after all the IPs are what the marketing team use for all the advertisements, so  gives us an IP based icon and everyone wins.

HHN28 is an excellent year for sure, but these are just my ideas that Universal could build on for HHN29 – but what do you think?  Let us know!