Twice HHN28 Reaches Capacity

It appears this past Sunday and Friday nights at HHN the event at Orlando completely sold out!  Yet again the I4 was backed up for miles while guests lined up to get inside the parking garages.

Once inside the lines to enter in via security were crazy and house wait times were bonkers!

Insiders told us that the event on the Friday night also had problems surrounding the ticketing system whereby no new tickets could be sold for quite some time.

Both nights even saw quite consistent hourly waits in the express line for many of the popular houses. And even Blumhouse was reporting record breaking wait times!

It appears that not only the Stranger Things bump was in full effect this past weekend but also as many as 6 local high schools were off for Monday returning on the Tuesday.  This combined would easily account for the two sold out events!

Did you manage to attend on these nights?  Let us know in the comments!

Headline photo taken by Vincent Vision