Warehouse 31: STILL the most fun you’ll have getting scared in Florida!

We have revisited our favorite Floridian haunted house because, dangit, we just couldn’t get enough! Last time we visited was a special event for Valentine’s Day, and now we’re back for the Halloween season!

Back at our Happy Place!

We couldn’t wait to return here! We had so much fun and scares during the Valentine’s event that we just simply had to return for the Halloween season, and let me tell you, we were not disappointed (see our review for their Valentine’s Day event here). Warehouse 31: UNLEASHED has completely redesigned their haunted houses, and added many new obstacles for guests to crawl, weave, slide, and squeeze their way through. Make no mistake, this haunted house is physically challenging! This year’s line up includes four haunted houses: Lockdown, Mr. Tasty’s Meat Factory, Dark Waters, and Slaughter Circus, as well as a life sized pirate ship outside of the main haunt filled with actors known as the Ghost Ship!

Overall Experience

10/10 without a doubt. Two thumbs up. 5 stars. Whatever you wanna call it! This place is awesome! There’s so much hard work that goes into this place; from the set construction, to the custom painting throughout, down to the make up and prosthetics. The actors give 110% every second they’re in the show, never breaking character. Every factor comes into play here to bring an absolute quality product, every time. We always have huge amounts of fun here and get decently scared by the actors no matter how many times we go through! Every single member of this haunt’s enormous cast makes sure to interact with you in whatever creative way they can think of, making for a very personal experience. In fact, whether you go on a night when they have 60 actors or a night they only have 35 or even less, you’re still in for the time of your life. That’s how much these actors put in their all! Kudos to all of you guys!

The Haunt

Same as last time, this haunted attraction’s unique concept has guest’s entering each of four haunted houses, one after the other, with short queue lines in between. Parties are sent through the haunt one by one, ensuring there’s no “conga-line” type situation for your experience. Typically, unless its quite busy, guest’s usually only have to wait in the first queue and from then on it’s pretty much walk on queues. The first haunted house guests enter is new at the Warehouse for this year; Lockdown.

Entrance to Lockdown, the beginning of your Warehouse 31 UNLEASHED experience.

Lockdown is themed to a zombie outbreak, and you have to escape the laboratory where the disease first started. Guests are led through a maze of medical rooms, offices, scientific labs, and escape the facility before becoming victims themselves. To avoid any spoilers, we can say that this one isn’t for the claustrophobic! Get out of there however you can, before you become one of them!


The second house during the walkthrough is Mr. Tasty’s Meat Factory. A long time returning haunted house for Warehouse 31 UNLEASHED, this one takes guests through a meat factory where, of course, humans are butchered to sell to the masses. This one deserves its repeating spot on the line up, as it has so many great scenes and scares, and the actors are giving it their all in here to boot! Mr. Tasty will greet you at the factory’s rolling door, as seen below. After he opens the door for you, step inside, but beware the butcher.



Third haunt on the adventure, Dark Waters, takes us into a voodoo queen’s house and then out into a swampy bayou. A great effect is in here, right at the beginning in fact. All we’ll say is deer heads. Trek murky waters, shifty bridges, and tilted sets in this very dark and frightening house.


Last but not least, the clown house, Slaughter’s Circus, featuring lots of glowing neon colors, extremely energetic and acrobatic clowns, and more than a touch of insanity. A completely redesigned and reimagined clown house for this year, this one was a great way to finish off the entire experience. The actors were very in your face and had great characters and had lots to say to us, making us scream, laugh, and smile, sometimes all at once. The cherry on top of an already great and spooky time!


If You’re In Jacksonville, GO TO THIS ATTRACTION

Not only won’t you regret it, but you’ll have a place to go back to time and time again. This place leaves an impression that sticks, and makes you (or at least us!) want to go back over and over! We will always find ourselves back at Warehouse 31 UNLEASHED every season and special event they are open (whenever we’re not at Halloween Horror Nights!)