Microsoft Convention Starts After HHN29

Good news! Bill Gates likely won’t be stealing any nights of HHN this year!

No clue what we’re talking about?

You see, for the last few years Microsoft have held a company convention in Orlando in October. Included in this convention, called Microsoft Ignite, was an itinerary item where they were renting the whole of Universal Studios for just one night for just attendees and employees of Microsoft. And as this was always held in October it meant that one of the HHN nights had to be sacrificed, usually a non-peak night that took away from the holders of the Frequent Fear passes. But it appears not any longer!

According to the event’s site it will be held yet again in Orlando but on November 4-8 when HHN29 is over. Phew!

Will you be buying Frequent Fear passes? Let’s us know in the comments how often you will be going to HHN this year!