Jack, Chance & The Usher are returning BUT not how you think…

Jack the Clown, his murderous muse Chance and The Usher are back together again for another show but this time, the amazing actors behind these classic HHN roles will be portraying new and existing characters in the forthcoming new show Animatronicans: Under New Management.


Jeff Jones, comedian, playwright and co-star of the original The Animatronicans, has written a sequel to his hit play which he describes as not a sequel but another episode of the show.  For those that don’t know, the show is what would happen if a number of Disney’s Audio-Animatronic characters were brought to life and started living together just outside the gates of Walt Disney World.

The Usher aka Josh Siniscalco will play Abe Lincoln from Hall of Presidents, Jack the Clown aka James Keaton will play the now missing Polar Bear from the former Maelstrom ride and Chance aka Erin Cline will be giving her hilarious take on the Redhead, the beloved yet seemingly now unemployed figure from the current version of Pirates of the Caribbean Ride.

The show is premiering within the 2019 Orlando Fringe Festival, which will be held on May 14-27 in Orlando’s Loch Haven Park.

For more information: https://orlandofringe.org/

Did you see the original show?  And if so let us know what you thought!  And also whether you’ll be buying tickets!