Disney Fox Deal WILL Affect HHN

It’s with sad news we can confirm the rumors of whether the new Disney deal with Fox will in fact affect HHN from a tweet that was sent a few days ago by HHN Hollywood’s Creative Lead John Murdy.

For those that don’t know, and there can’t surely be many of you, the deal we’re mentioning is the agreement of where many of the Twentieth Century Fox assets are to be purchased by Disney and assimilated into their ever growing current business. The deal includes nearly all broadcasting rights, contracts and deals for television and film with mostly news outlets and newspapers being excluded.

It’s not known exactly when the deal with finalize but it is expected to complete this year giving Disney the controlling powers over virtually all of Fox’s former properties.

The tweet was during one of HHN Hollywood’s regular fan Q&A’s:

As “ahs” or American Horror Story was a perennial favorite at HHN it will be sad to see this property not return. Which got us thinking, what other properties do Fox own that now will likely never see the light of day at HHN? Here’s some ideas:

Aliens / Predator

We’ve never had a house where either of these properties has been allowed to explore their own respective franchises and the best we ever came was a “vs” house back in 2014.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A rad choice from the 90s and it featured at a previous edition of HHN but strictly in Hollywood (it was also an awesome house read the walkthrough here). With a reboot of the franchise expected soon this could be annoying and what about the Body Collectors (or Gentlemen)!? No more Body Collectors???

A Cure For Wellness

This was recently rumored in 2018 but never saw the light of day.

The Exorcist

It’s been done recently and the sequels aren’t a great loss…

The Fly

Both the original and the beloved 80s version with Jeff Goldblum could sadly be off the table.

Jeepers Creepers

This property has apparently nearly been made a few times, it’s a shame we might never see it realized.

Hammer Horror

Some of the 70s British horror movies were released under the Fox banner. Most of them featured Christopher Lee as Dracula being pursued by Peter Cushing in various guises.


This long rumored property has apparently got a very complicated legal ownership where Fox has some say over various parts of the franchise.

Lake Placid

The guy that keeps banging the JAWS drum is gonna be pissed…

The Legend of Hill House

Not to be confused with the Haunting of Hill House...

The Omen

Damian won’t likely be rising anytime soon.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Orlando has done a show based on this a few times and it’s sad it might never come back. We just need to take a step to the left and then a step to the riiiiiiiight.

Paranormal Activity

HHN has done similar houses to this with original content.


Lucky they did it already!

The Simpsons

Forget any chances of a Treehouse of Horror house now.

28 Days Later

We’ve surely had enough zombies houses for this millennium!

Wrong Turn

We’ve had similar houses over the years which were likely better anyway.

The X-Files

It’s been unofficially at the event with The Spawning in 2009 and at various Bill and Ted shows.

But it’s not all bad news:


So there you have it. A number of IPs that may or may not ever come to HHN but if the Murdy tweet is to be believed it would appear these properties aren’t likely to come to HHN anytime soon. Thanks Mickey!

So there you have it, let us know your thoughts in the comments! And remember, nothing is confirmed until Universal confirms it!