Dates for your Diary

There’s no mistaking that after a very early update from Universal on dates and BOGO tickets for HHN29 we haven’t yet had any house announcements at all. So what we thought we’d do is to provide a list of dates based on last year’s announcements and at least that way we can see when roughly the next updates will be. So here goes:

End of March: Dates and BOGO tickets

First week in April: Stranger Things

Last week in April: Dead Exposure

Second week in May: Trick r Treat

First week in June: Show and zones

End of June: Slaughter Sinema and zones

End of July: Carnival Graveyard

First week in August: Seeds of Extinction

First week in August: Poltergeist

Middle of August: Halloween 4

End of August: Blumhouse and Scary Tales

End of August: Merch update

Start of September: Food update

The earliest house announcement we’ve ever had is in the last week of March (2017) though technically we had a house announcement at the very end of HHN19 but that was a long time ago! Anyways, mark your calendars now and let’s hope we get an official announcement soon!

Let us know when you’ll think the next announcement will be and keep your eyes peeled for more info on #HHN29!