The Celebrity Super-fans of HHN

For many years now our beloved event HHN has been a global phenomenon that has attracted millions and millions of people through the gates of Orlando, Hollywood, Spain (yes Spain!), Japan and Singapore to experience this world-class Halloween event.

But normal people fReAkS like you and I aren’t the only ones that have been flocking to these events but also celebrities have been too. From members of Marvel’s Avengers to rock n’ roll royalty have all been delighting in the horrah.

What HHN fans might not realize is that many of these celebs are actually super fans of HHN and are often spotted year after year attending the event. So for today’s article we thought we’d look into which celebs are actual Super Secret HHN fReAkS!!

Penn & Teller

The magical duo have been involved with HHN since the very beginning of event (they appeared in Hollywood’s first year) and they’re also rumored to be HUGE HHN fans of both coasts! But it wasn’t until 2012’s Penn & Teller: New(kd) Las Vegas 3-D that the duo not only designed their own house but starred within it as scareactors for select nights. I have vivid memories of guests walking through that house only to double-triple-quadruple-take that they had just been literally scared by the actual masters of magic. Back in 2016 HHNU broke the news that the duo were spotted in Orlando on business trips and many speculated that they might have been discussing working with Universal, alas nothing has yet come of this news. 🤞

Ariana Grande

This native floridian and mega pop sensation has been visiting our Orlando event since she was a kid, and although she now resides in the City of Angels (where she has been visiting Hollywood’s event in the last couple of years too!), she always takes time out of her busy schedule to visit her home state and enjoy some east coast scares.

And as you can see below, she visits very regularly!

Fran Summers

The current face regular cover model for Vogue is an internationally renowned model but what many don’t know about her is that she adores Universal Orlando and HHN.

In a recent interview talking about her passions for Vogue she said:

“Flo-ri-dah baby! I think I’m going again this year. First things first, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios – best thing ever. If I could recommend one holiday to go on this is it. Basically, me and my sister went to all the theme parks last October for two weeks and my brother came for one. Universal Horror Nights is this big thing around Halloween – they have like 10 haunted houses. There’s a Stranger Things one, there was a Saw one the year before – very scary actually – and a Michael Myers one. We got express tickets and went five nights in a row, to every house and backstage tour. I went from the Fashion Month where, I think, I did something like 39 shows that season, and literally didn’t have one break. So I went straight to Florida once it finished. Honestly, it was my best decision ever, I just forgot about everything!”

James Franco

The coolest of cool Hollywood actor has done what many HHN fReAkS have aspired to become because he is not only a super fan but he has also been an actual scareactor!

I’m told that he has appeared twice as a scareactor but in researching this article I could only find information on his appearance in Hollywood’s The Shining maze. I seem to remember that he possible appeared in the This is the End maze but does anyone know?

Jason Blum

As with Penn and Teller, Blum holds the title of working with Universal to develop a number of mazes. From my notes I can see how he personally has been attending the Hollywood event for over a decade.

Starting in 2011 he helped bring Insidious to both coasts, plus many others ever since with no less than two houses on both coasts since 2017 featuring his company’s name. HHN’s John Murdy said of Blum in 2011:

“To bring the paranormal world of ‘Insidious’ to life, we’re collaborating with the film’s director James Wan, writer/co-star Leigh Whannell and producer Jason Blum, who all happen to be huge fans of our Halloween event!”


The man, the myth, the legend, has been visiting HHN in Hollywood for years. He has helped design mazes and last year he helped score a maze! The Universal Monsters Maze was widely haled as one of the best mazes Hollywood has ever built.

Here’s a trailer for this amazing maze:

Photo from Hollywood Life

Justin Bieber

The global pop star has been spotted many times at HHN (mostly in Hollywood) and he normally attends with a large entourage which over the years have included Selena Gomez and Kourtney Kardashian; who themselves are huge respective fans of HHN. Here’s a sneaky picture of him enjoying a rest between mazes in 2013:

Zoe Saldana

Interesting although she’s the only Avenger on this list she isn’t the only Avenger to attend HHN. This Avenger or Guardian of the Galaxy has a special mention as she has visited the event without fail every year for more than a decade. She loves the horrah and apparently she is also super nice should you bump into her during the event.

Zooey Deschanel

The star of many great TV shows loves visiting HHN and does so on a regular basis!

And our best celebrity spotting at HHN….

Liam Gallagher

The Oasis frontman reportedly flew his whole family out as a special treat (or trick?) for Halloween in 2019 to experience the delights of HHN!

So there you have it, the biggest HHN Super Fans! Let us know in the comments which celebs you think should be on this list and who you’ve spotted at HHN!