Rumor: Warner’s are back? + More Rumors!

It was with a glimmer of hope yesterday that HHN fans saw the demise of Warner Bros’ Horror Made Here event at Burbank.  Not because of some trivial or tribal loyalty to HHN but because the event was the likely reason behind the limiting of horror properties being licensed to HHN for potential houses back in 2018.

But with the announcement yesterday of no Horror Made Here for 2019 it gives fans hope that Warners will now instead begin releasing their properties to Universal for HHN use.  In fact, it goes deeper that one insider at WB has tipped us that Horror Made Here may never return to Burbank, and the possible reason?  Money.


Warners, via their parent company AT&T, recently released their quarterly report for their businesses.  The report is VAST and reflects on the business performance of the past 3 months, which would include the Horror Made Here event.

The report discusses the effective increase of licensing across WB for all manner of things, from posters to popsicles, and it has remained largely flat within the business that handles licensing for their horror properties.  Why could this be?  Well it might due to them not licensing their properties to Universal for HHN and instead doing their own Horror Made Here event.  For which the business that handles the tours of the Burbank (the business unit that handled their Halloween event) was also reportedly flat in sales too; which might suggest why the event is not returning!

So if Warners can make more money licensing to Universal than running their own event, it would be silly for them to keep their IPs away from HHN!  In short, it would appear that Warners properties are very much back in contention for HHN29 and possibly for HHN30 and beyond!

So onto the house rumors

Our old pal the Ifrit has been up to his old tricks again!  The above was tweeted out today and reads in Italian ‘All roads lead to Rome‘.  So what is he referring to?  We surely don’t know yet, however we have been tipped by a few peeps in the know that this could be tied to an original house that is thought to be in construction based on the last days of Rome.  An ancient Rome house perhaps?  Think togas, stonework, curses and even lava zombies?  Well Jason did warn us last year…


And remember, nothing is confirmed or fact until Universal confirms it, just RUMORS!

So there you have it, two awesome rumors for your Thursday!  Let us know in the comments whether you heard anything too and what you think on the Ancient Rome rumor!