Why Jack *could* return for HHN29…

One of many questions we get on a regular basis here at HHNU is ‘when is Jack coming back?’. The mischievous clown has been appearing on and off at HHN for over 20 years and he is the icon that everybody loves to see.

And every single year we get a little bit of hype that he might be appearing. For example, fans got very excited a few years ago when deep in the website code it had ‘Jack.jpeg’ which was later found to be Jack from The Shining.

But this year we *could* see him guest star for a limited period. That’s if Universal does a repeat of HHN19. That year was the year of The Usher and it was right before the big anniversary year of HHN20.

HHN20 was a big deal and it saw all the past icons (sans Bloody Mary) gather to reveal who their real puppet master was: Fear. But in order to hype up the anniversary event for HHN20 they added a scarezone right at the end of HHN19’s run to act as a preview for the big year to come.

The Scarezone was called Shadows of the Past and it was presented in the Sting Alley. The sets were lightly themed and gallons of dry ice were deployed to hide the shadows lurking in the fog.

These shadows included:

• The Caretaker (2002’s Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear)

• The Director (2003’s Halloween Horror Nights 13)

• Eddie Schmidt (2001’s Halloween Horror Nights XI)

• Terra Queen (2005’s Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror)

• The Gentlemen (2005’s Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror)

• Nightmare (2002’s Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear)

• Jack the Clown (2000’s Halloween Horror Nights X)

• The Usher

• Jason Voorhees (2007’s Halloween Horror Nights: Carnival of Carnage)

• Alice from Wonderland

Photos are below

It was a great end of season run teaser for the anniversary event coming for their 20th. But that’s not the only time Universal has done this…

HHN25 was also a big anniversary year and it saw the triumphant return of Jack and Chance back together again. That’s why at the very end of HHN24 Universal projected a video on walls in the lines to select houses that teased a Jack like figure lurking in the shadows. The same video was released the day after the end of HHN24 to tease the coming HHN25 via their official YouTube.

So there you have it, with HHN30 right around the corner, who knows if they’ll tease a bit of Jack for HHN29?

And remember this is just history and speculation, nothing is confirmed until Universal confirms it!