Life-size Chance Resurfaces!

Cast your minds back to the awesomeness that was HHN26 where our icon was her majesty Chance the Clown.  She reigned over the event with her fun presence and would provide laughs and chills a plenty on her mini show and throughout the event.

Portrayed by the fabulous Erin Cline, the fReAkS behind HHN decided to dress the stores of Universal Orlando with two different Chance mannequins, one with her new outfit and one with her straight jacket.  As with most of these props they would eventually end up in the theme park’s repository for old props: Williams of Hollywood, where Universal would actively seek new owners for the past props.

Eventually, the Chance dolls made their way to Williams and after a few weeks they were sold.  And finally, Chance has resurfaced!  And is for sale on eBay.  The listing reads:

This is a very nice HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS original life size Chance figure that was used at the Universal Studios main store.  There were only 2 Chance figures created for the entire event (The other was on display at the Tribute Store and has been long gone.  There was also a Chance figure wearing a straight jacket.  It is shown in a photo above but she does NOT come with this version.  She also is long gone.)  She features original hand painted features and the face is definitely creepy! Chance was the main horror icon for their Halloween Horror Nights event in 2016.  Please note you are only buying the Chance version shown above in the skirt and boots.   Comes with a tag from Universal Studios.  This is a very rare opportunity to acquire an icon of horror from Universal Studios!!!


The current asking price is $6000.00!  And the buyer must collect from the seller who is based in Lakeland, Florida.  The original asking price from Williams was rumored to have been $5000, so this is a nice profit if he can find anyone to adopt this Chance.

Would you take a chance on Chance?  If so, you can buy her now here.

Let us know in the comments if you would buy her and also, what would you do with a 6ft tall Chance mannequin?