Rumor: It ain’t Monsters!

News hit us last night that the former Terminator building, which has been having a huge amount of construction work undertaken to it, has finally received walls around the guest facing areas. This installation of hoarding is now making many fans speculate that the new show/experience will open very soon!

We found online permits here that showed the construction works were really ramping up a notch and that completion can’t be far off. This also compounded with speculation that the attraction could have been themed to The Universal Monsters, however we now believe this is very unlikely.

We received the following email from a Team Member who wished to remain anonymous:

I don’t know what’s going in that building but I’ve been told that there will be cars and technology displays

So if he’s right it’s very unlikely to be Monsters. It could however be a number of possible franchises from the Fast and Furious to the original rumor of Jason Bourne.For right now we’re just have to wait for an official announcement! What would you like to see as an attraction in this building? Let us know in the comments!

Remember: Nothing is official until Universal announces it, these are just rumors!