HHN’s Bloody Mary Becomes Viral Sensation!

This slipped under my radar recently, but it was revealed to me that the actress who famously played HHN’s Bloody Mary character in the 2008 event year has gone on to become a viral sensation.

More than one actress played the character: there was one actress who played the character in the commercials and in the press photos, another who did the voice for the website, another who did the Opening Scareamonies Media Event and then dozens who played the character in the popular maze (which incidentally was weirdly located in the old Jaws building!).

The actress we are concerned with here is Laura Clery who fabously portrayed the demonic doctor-come-spirit in the commercials and press photos.  Her rise to fame as an internet personality began when she started making videos on the former Vine service where she portrayed a character called Help Helen Smash.  The character was created by using a Snapchat AR lens that distorts her face and neck giving her a thick-neck and the ability to pull some strange faces.  She then hopelessly pursues a man named Stephen, who is later revealed to be Clery’s actual husband Stephen Hilton, who himself is a Hollywood music composer.

Her characters have evolved over time, and now she focuses most of her content on releasing funny videos based around her real life and in particular her new life as a mom to her newborn son.  Her most successful video to date, for which I am sure you have all seen, is her English Vs American sayings video as below:

Now an internet personality, we in the HHN fan community will always remember her as the actress behind the greatest icon that has never (sadly) ever returned…

Here are some rare behind the scenes photos of her:

hhn marymaryhhhhn

And here’s the iconic HHN18 commercial:

So there you have it, Mary might never return but least now when you see your next Laura Clery video you’ll know her part in the history of HHN! 

Who loved this year 2008?  Let us know in the comments!