Episode 15: Ernie Hudson & The Ghostbusters

Join us for more spooky fun as we welcome an actual Ghostbuster to the Podcast, Mr. Ernie Hudson. He gives us a fascinating account of his career, his time as a Ghostbuster, and his experiences on the set of The Crow. He also gives us an exclusive tidbit of info regarding the upcoming Ghostbusters 3! And the exclusivity doesn’t stop there as we take a sneaky tour of an upcoming HHN30 house, we provide the usually industry news and rumors, announce the winner of our strange noise contest, and we also review some recent horror releases: The Lighthouse, Truth or Dare, Midsommar and The Hunt! And we even have a singalong! All this and more on your favourite spooky podcast!

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Starring Christopher Ripley, Boston White aka Amanda and The Spooky Voice Guy

Producer: The Amazing Aaron Adams

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