First House for HHN 2021 Accidentally Confirmed

Peacock accidentally leaked a video late last night that confirms that one of the already built houses for HHN30 will be reused for 2021’s event. The video has since been removed from Universal’s Peacock streaming service. That house is Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience.

It will be located in Sprung Tent 1 and already has the seal of approval from horror supremo Greg Nicotero.

The storyline is said to be “Around the turn of the 20th century, Pesty’s Puppet Troupe from Eastern Europe set up shop the Grandeur Theatre in San Francisco. They were later joined by a Ballet group. One day, the theatre collapsed due to an earthquake, trapping the Puppet Troupe, Ballet Group, and patrons inside. Slowly, all of the trapped people go mad. The Puppet Troupe begins taking the patrons and mutilating them by turning them into puppets.”

As the house was leaked it is still unclear what the status of the house will be until Universal officially confirms it!

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